The Lago Maggiore

Go on holiday to the Italian lakes, has among the Swiss and Germans have long tradition. No wonder, for example, from southern Germany you need only a few hours to northern Italy’s largest lake, Lake Maggiore. From spring to autumn there is the Lago Maggiore, a nice warm climate. If you drive the roads along the shore, you see palm trees everywhere – on Italy’s coast as well as on the Swiss side of the lake, part of the Ticino. Here one finds the famous and modern health resorts of Locarno and Ascona. This region is also the golf play very popular, there are several golf courses. The Italian part of Lake Maggiore is shared by two regions: Lombardy and Piedmont. The Italian coast is often the “lean coast,” but also “flourishing coastal mentioned. Here one finds the original one is trying to Italy in a holiday. Typical Italian villages with lovely churches and squares and Luino the famous Wednesday market runs through the whole center. LakeMaggiore offers plenty of attractions and is the ideal traveling with numerous flowers and plants and the other lakes like Lake Como (Lago di Como), Lake Orta (Lago d’Orta) and the Lake of Lugano (Lake Lugano) have an outing or a Holidays worth.

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