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New Generations Culture

As the culture is seen by the new generations Patrician Juliana Bortolini Culture is defined as everything what human being is produced from intelligence. The culture is present since the primitive peoples in its customs, laws, religion, in its arts, moral sciences, beliefs, myths, values. Through the culture in them we adaptamos to the existence conditions thus transforming our reality. The generations oldest passed its to know, its beliefs, its customs, its habits for the next generations, that is, it was not left to die the culture of the people, and the group where he was inserted in the society. Being thus, Young chicken (1986, p.06) defines the culture as one ' ' complex set that includes knowledge, beliefs, moral art, laws, customs and any capacities and habits acquired for the man as member of sociedade' '. The man possesss the capacity to create, and to produce to live in society, believing that to live in group he must have rules, laws, customs among others already cited previously. Therefore in the culture where one determined group is inserted it must have this cultural set. Any that is the culture always is in permanent change, to the last being of generation for generation is very left to die of this culture, is most of the time not passed ' ' risca' ' these customs, beliefs, to know.

We cite as example, artistic knowing that old he was had as one endows, the girl who knew or inherited of the mother ' ' saber' ' to manufacture and to produce artesanatos, culinria and clothes of the group where she was living, so that thus she could always pass to its next generations leading its alive culture. Each culture must respect the cultural set of the too much cultures, being a way of particular life of each people. Lull (1995.p.92) standes out that: Culture you are one dynamic compleja y ecology of personas, sew, cosmovisiones, escenarios activities y There that basically remain estable, pero that tambin vain woollen cambianedo in virtud comunicacon of rutina interaccon there social y.

Miranda University Center

Prof. Davi de Miranda University Center Leonardo of the Vinci? UNIASSELVI Full Licenciatura in Geografia (GED-0611)? Special education 10/06/2009 SUMMARY When studying the educative aspect of carrying people of the Syndrome of Autismo, is necessary, making a trip for history, passing for the natural election, for the elimination of children badly formed or deficient in some civilizations of the world, the marginalizao in the Average Age, until arriving at a period ‘ more; ‘ humanista’ ‘ in the Europe after the French Revolution, to arrive at century XIX, where the first studies on deficiencies had been carried through. Word-key: Autismo, School, Inclusion. 1 INTRODUCTION the syndrome of the autismo can all be found in the world and families of any social, racial or ethnic classroom. Until today, it was not obtained to prove no psychological cause, or even though in the environment that these people live. symptoms, caused for physical disfunes of the brain, these characteristics are: riots in the rhythm of appearance of physical, social and linguistic abilities, abnormal reactions to the sensations, alterations in the vision, hearing, tato, pain, balance, olfato, gustao and way to keep the body, say or language absent or behind. Specific functions of thinking, gifts or not, a rhythm of speaks immature, use of words without association with the meaning, relationship ‘ ‘ anormal’ ‘ with objects and people, not appropriate language for adults or children 2 AUTISMO AND the PERTAINING TO SCHOOL INCLUSION the school has its paper in the level of the education. Some strategies are elaborated so that these pupils obtain to develop capacities of integration with the other said children ‘ ‘ normais’ ‘. But, the family has a basic paper, because they are the ones that coexist and are the ones that possesss more experience in dealing with children, mainly, because the autistas children need redoubled attention, during 24 hours.

Technology Education

So that the education process learning gains new dynamism already we are searching (we educators) new forms to teach and to learn with the TIC. We must be in permanent learning to expand these knowledge to our pupils since these technological apparatuses are in serving in the daily one. Several are the possibilities of the use of the computer as plus a tool to reach the educational objectives of our schools. But so that really these objectives are reached are necessary to plan well the lessons, using the computer as tool and, objectifying the activities for the content programmarian without if losing in distractions. The interactive computational games are without a doubt one form playful to facilitate the learning.

With them we can sharpen the creativity of our pupils with the interatividade and also to atrairmos its concentration to reach the desired educational objective. The videos and the photographs could be worked in classroom, where the pupils can construct its proper videos related with the content, moreover, the films can be used that portray on situations to the content for better exemplificao. the digital photo, certainly, is an instrument that extends the creative possibilities of the pupils and that they stimulate the construction of knowing, this if this experimentation well will be lead and to take them it the considered educational objective. The proper pupils will be able to compose its letters and to musicar them, they will be able to make recorded research on subjects of the quarter where the school if locates with the objective to look improvements for the population and the quarter. Through programs as the Audacity they will be able to also create pertaining to school radios where the pupils will be able to record recent notice and transmitiz them it the colleagues in the schedule of the recreation. The use of the Internet can extend the resources that already we use and to assist the education process learning since that guided well.

We need undressing in them of the technological preconceptions and believing that the education and these technologies of information and communication must walk together creating possibilities that allow to optimize the process of education and learning. We do not have forgetting in them that who creates learning conditions is the professor and that the use of the computer provokes changes when used as a pedagogical tool. Bibliographical reference: TAKAKURA, Flvio Iassuo. Education for Internet. JF: NEAD/UFJF, 2009. It emends presented in the course of Specialization in Technology of the Information and Communication for Basic Ensino.? JNIOR, Waldir Azevedo. Computers in Classroom. JF: NEAD/UFJF, 2009. It emends presented in the course of Specialization in Technology of the Information and Communication for Basic Ensino.? BAPTIST, Deniele Pear tree. Techniques and Methods of Use of the TIC in Classroom. JF: NEAD/UFJF, 2009.

State Education

The first one still takes care of young is of the work market. In it predominates, in general, a formation of theoretical and general base. The occupational qualification of workers is made by public programs since the 50. Taking care of young the adult, it is a basically practical formation, in the workstation and/or specialized institutions. It is exactly this that we must copy of countries or entities that they invest in the professionalizing education. Based in this he is that we must consider the professional education integrated the Education of Young and Adults of our country, making of it an subsidy to alavancar the economic society of Brazil.

The increase of the competitiveness, the advance of science and the development of the technology are what they make the countries and people to run behind the professionalization next to the agencies that can offer this so important good for the workers in a general way. We know that this good can be offered by the Professional Education Integrated the Education of Young and Adults without as many responsibilities the safes of the cities, states and Union. Thus, Ciavatta Maria, (2006, ps. 127 and 128), disclosed: In the developed countries, as well as in the Latin American countries, the politics that they search to increase the professional formation if must, in first place, to the search of the increase of the competitiveness in world-wide scale; in second, to the provoked changes for the intense scientific development in the productive structure. (Ciavatta, 2006) It is interesting to stand out the necessity of the implantation of one public politics of State to potencializar offers integrated between the professional education and Adult the Young Education of e, thus bringing, new perspectives for the people who had not obtained to professionalize themselves in the adequate age. Having an integration it accomplishes enclosing all Brazilian territory in the scopes municipal, state and federal we will have as end item an essentially integral formation for that to search this modality of education.

Early Childhood Education

Introduction. Formerly, it was considered necessary to have a certain degree of maturity to be able to access learning in general and that maturity was a natural process that could not be speeded up and the children would be at great risk in their training. In the 60s there is a dramatic change in this ancient vision of maturity as a natural process, with the progress of cognitive psychology represented by researchers such as Bruner, Bloom and Hunt. Inspired by Piagetian theory, which stresses the need for children to manipulate and experiment with the environment to develop their intelligence, and this development also depends on the amount and diversity of experiences to which you are exposed, the researchers have concluded that intellectual abilities of young children have been missed and neglected in traditional teaching. This is compounded when you consider that intellectual development is influenced by preceding learning at the age of 4 years. The following sentence reflected the state of cognitivist researchers concern: "They are causing irreparable damage to millions of children when they are deprived of intellectual stimulation during the crucial years ranging from birth to six years.

… If the middle classes this gap is get less brilliance, for disadvantaged classes is a predestination to school failure in adult life. " The traditional concept of the maturing process is applicable in the physical (motor development), but it is more complex learning (cognitive development). For Bruner (1960), any content can be taught at any age if teaching is organized and methods for carrying it out.

Educative Administration

2. – Creativity. It is to think and to act outside the common thing, but with common sense. It is to extend our mind beyond the traditional ordinary and, by means of a critical analysis of the circumstances and the events. 3. – Stability. An entrepreneur must be, simultaneously, a leader; and a leader must own stability, in all the senses of the life, physics, mental or emotional, and social. With stability I talk about the capacity to handle with moderation the different situations that him they present/display.

4. – Charisma. With this I talk about the capacity to communicate with different people. It is the ability to enchant with its words to attract the attention of the people, using that power of conviction to which the people cannot resist. 5. – Appetite to the risk. When a vision is had, it is due to have, also, the value of facing the risks that are due to assume to give the great jump; knowing that to take the risks that appear him they can represent a failure or the total success. To surpass the fear, is the ideal.

6. – Energy. An entrepreneur will have to always look for, to be in the maximum level of his energies, since he will require of them in the arduous work that entails to ahead remove a project from business. Very frequently, mainly at the beginning of a project, one will be due to work many extra hours. To work with energy will allow to do it with the greater enthusiasm. 7. – Updated. An entrepreneur must be up-to-date with all the innovations that arise in the field that it has chosen. Watching the past and living present, it will be able to predict the future. The small businesses could, with time, be made great, yes and only yes, its administration exceeds the expectations. Of the previous thing, the administrator of a small business must be in favor updated and to be positive in all actions. Something very important to fulfill effectiveness the previous thing is, continuously to observe and to analyze the deficiencies and needs that it observes in his business, to take note from them writing them in note notebook of its business or binnacle and of putting an extra effort in these areas. A serious error of some entrepreneurs constitutes the fact to cling too much to the traditional thing, to the common thing; one is due to think about great and acting, to make our dreams reality. We see ourselves in a next article. We see ourselves in a next article. Felix Quesada Vantage point: Administrator of Companies, Authorized Public Accountant, Lawyer in Teaching and Masters in Educative Administration.

The Equipment

” How I can correct it? , what I can do so that you feel well? ” , they are phrases that make feel better the affected people. 7. It overcomes the habit to indicate the errors of the others The habit to indicate the errors that commit the other, without contributing something to help, ends up them affecting our relations with them and reaffirming the negative consequences that are generated of our mistakes. 8. It assumes your responsibility If you are sincere and humbly you explain in reasonable form because of your mistaken action, the affected person will feel calmer and satisfied to escucharte. We must always face the embarrassing situations maturity and never to react emotionally.

To have left been silent hoping we that the time happens and the person forgets the offense, will cause that the resentment is generated. 9. It surpasses the fault The majority of the times we felt like guilty to have committed an error. After asking excuses the involved people, we must be forgiven same. 10.

It avoids to think about which you could do A first that comes to our mind, after committing error, is everything what we had been able to make to avoid it. Sometimes you remain there, giving him returned to all the possibilities and sintindote guilty or making feel culprit to the other, as if of that way all the happened one could erase. Simply acptalo and thinks about which you can make to solve it of the most efficient way.