Month: October 2012

Longdistance Education

Without the necessity of displacement of pupils and professors, long-distance education has grown considerably in the world all in recent years. With the easinesses of the Internet, this type of education comes gaining more space between young that want to complement its studies of the college and between people whom they desire to make specializations. Education is considered at a distance all process of learning mediated for technologies and in which pupil and professor are separate space. These medias can be Internet, post office, radio, television, CD-ROM, telephone, fax or any another technology. According to Ministry of the Education MEC in only three years the amount of long-distance courses in Brazil grew around 500%. This educational model has looser preconceptions and if firming as an excellent alternative for that they do not have as much availability to frequentar an actual course. The necessity generated for the market of current work so that all s the professionals if specialize each time more is also one of the responsible ones for the growth of long-distance courses. 280 a thousand long-distance courses in Brazil exist approximately, that do not demand presence, or are half-actual, that is, the necessary pupil to appear to some headquarters for the accomplishment of tests.

One of the great advantages of the long-distance education, is a practically limitless number of pupils. Of this form, today in Brazil, about 2,5 million pupils they are studying inside of this educational model. These courses can be professionalizing, of graduation, after-graduation, or still, of extension. What more it has of common in all they is that they demand that each pupil is very disciplined to study alone and not to discourage, a time who does not have the professor and nor classmates. The results still more are amplified when the pupil has proactivity and interaction during all the course.