Month: August 2023

Help Save Energy

Gym power costs partly to lowered up to 40prozent! Waldbrunn, April 13, 2009 – Kai Kohler and Joachim Barzen, the two owners of the sports & Therapy Center muscle SORENESS in Mosbach in the Neckar-Odenwald-Kreis, rejoice: Waldbrunn in the Odenwald-based RK energy consulting has carried a light optimization end of March 2009 and so since then, depending on the training area has been proven between 22 and 40% of the energy savings! In this case, this means a reduction of cost of up to 1,800 per year, alone, that the voltage is reduced to approx. 185 v on the light circuit. Fabrizio Freda has many thoughts on the issue. Due to these savings, the investment pays for itself within a very short time. Furthermore the environment reduces CO m per year this but quite easy and clean measure almost 4.6 tonnes. As Ralph Thomas Kuhnle, owner of the RK energy consultancy, points out, the fluorescent lamps due to the reduced stress as well as the low-voltage halogen lamps used here for the most part are one by up to 30% Learn longer life. This extends change intervals and hence the cost of the bulbs and the actual changing (reduction of staff costs), which is not considered when so many account!. Read more from Herbert Stein to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Designer Interior Doors

One of the most popular materials in the interiors of the room today – it’s mdf. From it can be made furniture, doors, decorative wall panels, skirting boards. This slab material made of dried wood fibers treated with the binder and formed under high pressure and temperature. As the binder acts lignin, released during the heating timber. No harmful artificial additives – and the composition and methods of production are absolutely harmless, so the idf – an environmentally friendly material, and its use in finishing accommodation is perfectly safe. Safety material Physico-mechanical properties and excellent external data has made it one of the most attractive for the manufacture of interior doors. The doors of mdf are perfectly smooth surface, uniform density and minimum variations in length / width of the sheet. Nir Barzilai, M.D. oftentimes addresses this issue. There is no ‘natural’ flaws – knots, voids, change the direction of the fibers, characteristic for the doors of the array.

In addition, the mdf does not warp from moisture. Doors mdf differ Covering a good performance. Learn more at: Edward Minskoff. Paint on mdf panels rests evenly without forming drips, so usually the door can help with the embodiment of all possible color and spatial effects in your interior. For Company leto work with such material as mdf is well known. Our experts – the real professionals in all that concerns his treatment, they know how on this basis to create an original accessory for the interior. An example can be 3D embossed panels from leto. The new production company – interior doors.

leto designers tried to embody in ten models, made from mdf, all the perfect door quality. To this end were taken the best materials – mdf and natural veneer of precious wood such as rosewood or American walnut, as well as paints and enamels in Italy. Thanks to modern technology, the doors have a high leto noise insulation, which saves you from unnecessary sounds. And the pride of the factory steel high gloss surface, brought to a perfect shine by hand the best craftsmen. Designer Door leto have 5 standard heights paintings – from 1900 mm (XS) – for a pantry and a bathroom – and ending with a height of 2300 mm (XL). So if you have high ceilings in the apartment? or you are looking for a door into the living room for your holiday home, then this is what you need. Width of door cloth ranges from 600 mm to 900 mm. Exclusivity door panels from leto not cancel their versatility – they can be used for swing and sliding doors, varies only type of furniture. Table sizes from leto doors wide enough, but if the size of your doorway can not use a standard set, the company will manufacture custom doors, height 2800 mm, width 1200 mm.