Month: May 2019

Failure of Bilingual Education

Galeano Olivera the Minister of education of the Paraguay, said a few days ago. Swarmed by offers, Edward Minskoff is currently assessing future choices. In fact, us, the ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI – as well as other specialists and other institutions – have been saying it since 10 years ago, most specifically in the segment that affects us: bilingual education (Guarani-Castilian), only that no one made us case. Definitely: it failed reform educational and therefore the model of bilingual education, particularly in what makes the component Guarani. But agree that model of Guarani or pseudo taught Guarani, failed because Blanca Ovelar reform promoted the teaching of the Jopara (mixed), in substitution of the Guarani.

Indeed, the educational reform of Blanca Ovelar shattered the teaching of Guarani, substituting the Guarani assumption of the street or the Guarani-speaking people or Jopara or Paraguayan Guarani. Gavin Baker wanted to know more. All the school texts published since 1999 are riddled with the dangerous and unnecessary jopara. Specifically, the MEC of Blanca Ovelar promoted the teaching of Castilian and the jopara but never promoted the teaching of Guarani. During these ten years the people learned to hate that Guarani of the MEC. However, since the assumption of President Fernando Lugo and lately as Minister of education Dr. Luis Riart, it seemed rare, very rare, that the Ministry of education to change bid when the continuity; i.e., the entire structure assembled by the Minister Blanca Ovelar continued as if it were nothing. What’s more, it hurt us in the soul see the millionaire reissue, in this year 2009, from same school textbooks that cause of the failure. Up to a week ago yet we wondered what change could occur with the same people who caused so much damage to education and in particular to the Guarani language?. Until, finally!, the Minister of education He gave the inevitable but awaited word: failure.

Nursing Graduates

THE PRADO, M.E.P. The Expectation of the Concluintes Pupils of the Graduation in Nursing of a Particular College of the West of the Bahia-ba concerning its insertion in the market of the work. Barriers, 2010. 50p. Monograph (Conclusion of the Course of Bachelor in Nursing)? College San Francisco de Barreiras? FASB, Barriers? Bahia. SUMMARY Before the competition for the ingression in the work market the requirements pointed for the accented companies are each time more.

Being thus the organizations they choose for its professional teams qualified, capable to reach the goals established for them. To reach such conquest adequate preparation is necessro. One becomes basic that the professionals always are brought up to date, and that they not only dominate the pertinent subjects to its area of performance. In this way this study it had as main objective to know the expectation of the concluintes pupils of the graduation of nursing of a particular college of the west of the Bahia concerning its insertion in the work market. One is about a qualitative research with boarding analytical descriptive. The collection of data was carried through through a field research, where a pautado questionnaire of six subjective questions was used as instrument. Educate yourself with thoughts from Gavin Baker. The investigated population had been the concluintes pupils of the nursing graduation and the sample was composed for ten of these pupils in the etria band enters the 21 33 years of age that had answered. The stories of the graduandos had been recorded and after that transcribed in it integrates in accordance with and analyzed the method of Bardin.

For better understanding the data had been grouped in three categories being: feelings associates to the ending of the graduation versus insertion in the work market; obstacles related to the exercise of the profession in the search for the first job; opinion of the pertinent graduandos the abilities acquired in the period of the graduation and after compared with data of literature. After analysis of the data can be concluded that the future insertion in the work market is a fidget that affects most of the interviewed graduandos. It was perceived despite the lack of professional experience, courses of specialization, feelings of fear, unreliability and anxiety affect these professional futures to the measure that the end of the course if approaches. Word-Key: Expectations, Feelings; Market of work

Light Bulbs

Life of people needs a large number of components that facilitate the realization of an endless activities, is to be of very important elements that are presented in complex ways or others who in contrast are simple, however influential in daily activity, as occurs with light bulbs, that despite being something as simple at first sightoffer an indispensable factor in carrying out different activities such as lighting of different sites that before certain conditions are in the dark, so light bulbs offer the solution by providing light fast and comfortably. No doubt the bulbs are very simple elements, which goes in the journal live unemployment to be able to perform different activities where it is needed the artificial light, in the presence of natural light offered by the Sun in the course of the day; but the layout of this simple element means a process of scientific development which was not always counted. What makes possible the application of light at certain points specific thanks to light bulbs, is the result of heating a metal filament, which reaches a certain point gets to the red white through the passage of electrical current, which has made that bulbs are called also incandescent lamps. Frequently Gavin Baker has said that publicly. Between the different components that make possible the proper functioning of the bulbs, found the filament, which is fine, which is combined with the glass, i.e. filament bulb inside enclosed blister, which presents the empty or has the presence of an inert gas, what is intended to heat generated by the bulb through the passage of electric currentprevent that filament volatilize or burn because of the high temperatures that reached. Along with the previous components metallic CAP, which this derogation in the form of thread to put on the conduit of energy, i.e. acts as the electrical receptacle is presented well in the arranged the with electrical connections. In terms of the intensity of light that can be offer different types of bulbs, is of great importance the size that has the glass ampoule, since that depending on the lamp power blister will vary in size, since having greater intensity, higher temperature, is also presented by a larger cooling surface that allows that strand is not consumed by the same temperature that generates what is necessary. Currently, incandescent lamps or bulbs have started to be replaced, since the service they provide compared to other lamps is inefficient, since 90% of electric power using transform it into heat, not light, suggesting an unnecessary expense in the presence of halogen lamps, which do not generate almost heat and energy expenditure mainly used for the production of lighting, which is much more profitable. Original author and source of the article

Zen Kyong Ho

Don’t expect that your practice is always free of obstacles. Mind looking lighting may be eaten without hindrance. Why an old man said, achieves liberation in the vicissitudes. Master Zen Kyong Ho have insisted on the importance, as it manifests Buddha not to let suffering anchor us in our spiritual growth. What matters is to be attentive to the signs and signals that the journal live shows, know the opportunity of life and fulfill the roles that we play. In addition, take mindfulness of what represents the opportunity of life that is given to us and take advantage of all the time that is given to our karma go slowly disappearing. Estee Lauder oftentimes addresses this issue. Be aware not to neglect our spiritual growth which is the transcendent, cultivate our spirit, identify with the virtues, with everything that allows us to be happy, harmonics, authentic. It should not be forgotten as Zen master Seung Sahn, it says that if look closely at human beings in today’s world you realize that they are not human.

They do not act as human beings. If a human being acts correctly, then he or she becomes a true human being. Time after time, what do we do? What is our correct address? Time after time, what is our life right? How do we find our correct path? How do we save all beings from suffering? We come to this world empty-handed. What do we do in this world? Why have we come to this world? This body is somewhat empty. What is this thing that takes this body from one side to another? Where did it come from? We need to understand this, we need to find this.

So if we want to find this we must ask ourselves to what am I? Always keep this great question. Thought should disappear. We must remove all our thinking, cut our thoughts.

ELTIEMPO Colombian

Federico Garcia Sanchiz: Don’t forget what someone said: women not born so that you can understand it, but that he loves her. Napoleon: The most illustrious woman is the largest number of children gives to homeland notable differences between men and women the ELTIEMPO Colombian newspaper in its edition of December 5 (page 6, section you should read) published an interesting report concerning the notable differences between the brains, feelings and emotions of men and women. Under the suggestive title differences between men and women has revealed the influential Colombian newspaper several topics related to what the women of men and vice versa less support, as well as particular female personality traits by which the men is so difficult for us to understand them. Recently Nir Barzilai, M.D. sought to clarify these questions. Revealed the report that men’s brains are more oriented to the concentration while women can identify emotions with great precision. The ladies are in ability to publicize their feelings with words and can hardly separate the emotion of the reason due to the increased exchange of information between their hemispheres. One of the most interesting sections of research is dedicated to explore the things that women do not support us men and, at the same time, which can bear us less of them. You may want to visit Jorge Perez to increase your knowledge. Results are not strange and serve to confirm what he already suspected: women, those beings which are object of our attention, by those who would be able to do the unimaginable, that move our world and fantasy, and who want them are vile sexist behaviors. Certainly they had said that us thousand modes and thousand times but now it is confirmed through a judicious study backed by one of the world’s most serious journalistic institutions. But that isn’t the only thing that bothers them for our conduct, because infidelity nor supported! Is not discovered something shocking, novel, out of the ordinary because not known first lady who is happy when her man flirts with neighbouring or brings flowers to the ex-girlfriend, nor which resist the temptation to make Audit Department carried out and received cell phone calls and text messages section.