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Infantile Education

It has couples that they congregate the same under in ceiling the children of the current one and of the old relationships. thus family constitutes a great healthful e. TIBA (2007, p 220) Through the Curricular Referencial of the Infantile Education and the contribution of Tiba, we perceive that the familiar structure that we knew, father, mother, son, moved.

It can present itself or if constitute in well different ways. We, educators, need to know these new compositions, its values, beliefs familiar. Without this approach and exchange of information, the relation between the family and the school will be fragile or it will not be established. Ahead of the displayed one, it is necessary to adapt us it these changes, to know and to understand the diverse familiar compositions, preventing judgments moralistas, personal or tied the preconceptions as he approaches the RCNEI (1998, v1). Of this form, beyond establishing a base for the dialogue, as still the Referencial speaks, we will obtain to approach them of the school, will know how much they can participates and then we will be able to stimulate this participation, to show what this means, as they can participate. They will know that they are not alone and that it does not have only obligations, but right also. 2 THE FAMILY AND THE SCHOOL: institutions that receive the individuals the family and the school play an important role in the formation of the individual and of the citizen, even so they have objectives, distinct methodology and abrangncia, as it approaches Parolin (2005).

Elementary School Teachers

The objectives that had based this inquiry had been: to appraise ability, to approach on the importance of the pedagogical ability practical efficient professor and to stand out the relevance of the formative analysis of necessity of the professors. As theoretical recital it adopted the concepts of Zabalza (2006), Echeverria (2005), Almeida (2010), and Perrenoud (2000). Of the metodolgico point of view, a quantitative boarding of research was used, using the questionnaire as technique of collection of data. As joined results evidenced that the interviewed professors present a high index of the formative necessities, on the basis of the pedagogical abilities, therefore, need an adjusted formation to develop abilities that are essential for the practical professor. Word-key: Pedagogical ability. Analysis of necessities.

Professor.ABSTRACTThe present work is you analyze the needs of elementary school teachers. The goals that motivated this investigation were you conceptualize competence, addressing the importance of to teacher competence will be effective teaching practice, and emphasize the relevance of the analysis of teachers? needs of training. The background theory adopted the concepts of Zabalza, (2006) Echeverria, (2005) Almeida (2010) and Perrenoud (2000). Methodological From the point of view, we used quantitative approach you research, using the questionnaire a technician will be date collection. We confirm that the teachers interviewed reported high of training needs, based on teaching skills, to however, need appropriate training you develop skills that ploughs essential you teaching. Keywords: Teacher competence. Needs analysis. New Teacher.INTRODUONeste century and millenium, if lives a time of deep contradictions and, over all of a situation where the advance scientific and technological it has influenced directly in the educational demand.

The Educators

In according to place, the activities the books must be in an appropriate level of difficulty for the pupils. In accordance with Adans (1990), ' ' It has evidences of that the performance of the reading is improved by the use of materials that a pupil can read with low a percentage of errors (of 2 5%) and of that the pupils who more than read materials with 5% of errors they tend if to move away from the task during instruo' ' (p.113). In third place the objectives of the significant learning must guide the election of activities. The basic objective of the professor is to stimulate the reading must be strengthenn to become the reading a useful, valuable and desirable activity. Recently, Marzano (1992) more than revised 30 years of research on the learning process and developed an instructive model. Perhaps first and the more basic dimension of this positive model includes the attitude and the perceptions on the learning. The climate of the section of lesson is composed for external favors to the pupils (for example, the quality and amount of reading materials and the physical arrangement of the classroom), as well as of the attitudes and the perceptions of the pupils.

Marzano observes that the attitudes and the perceptions of the student affect its mental climate for the learning; Moreover, an order and comfort sense is crucial aspects in this environment. A STRUCTURE TO STIMULATE AND TO MOTIVATE the Cambourne READING (1991) presented diverse conditions of learning and applies them it the learning of speaks. It also defied the educators to apply these conditions to other types of learning. The model presented in the figure to follow was developed by Cambourne. It enters the learning conditions, two are seen as vital if to want to involve pupils in the reading: Immersion and demonstration. The other conditions? expectations, responsibilities, use, approaches and reply? if gifts, intensify the envolvement of the pupils in the learning.

Unit Learning

Ausubel (1985, p.104): The professor organizes the substance to teach of a logical form e, presenting it the pupil, relates it with the knowledge that this already possesss in such way that it can perceive what is to learn and to integrate the new knowledge in its existing cognitiva structure. Ahead of this the learning with the materials is process of education, the diverse positions in each agreement: To learn playing, facilitating the learning and developing its capacity of thought stimulating its learning among others game of the memory, break-head puts the pupil to think and to identify each part, the abacus teaches arithmethic table, the golden material is used to work mathematical subjects as unit, sets of ten, hundreds, thousand and using the unit cubes because in the alfabetizao the subtraction with this material concrete goes associating the amount to the number (JC). These materials can be worked individual or collective that more are amused and have the didactic function to make the pupil to learn with games to count, to learn the colors and to work with the numbers become more easy the learning of the children through the tato therefore when the pupil catches in the concrete is more easy the development of the reply ((MJ). The function of the games is auxiliary the motor coordination of the pupil, the cognitiva part of the child, in which the pupil learns and at the same time it is had fun. The games have the function of assisting and working our logical reasoning (ONLY).

To teach to way mathematics more that the pupils if interest. He serves to descontrair the lesson and to learn with tricks (HS). Learning in an easy and amused way, serves to guide the pupils in definitive subjects (NC). When playing the pupils have ampler knowledge on the mathematics are learn-to play (SM). The pupil if develops fast more when acquiring a mathematical knowledge with symbols and figures (LS).

Pablo Ghiraldelli

What I want to say? The philosophical speech capsized or seems to have if only become enlightening of terms and a one to assist of luxury of other speeches when one or another one part of the speech seems not to incase or to have the ideal floreio. It is not had as to know if it has to see with the stagnation and if to come back toward inside of itself of much of the philosophy that is said ' ' to give certo' ' that one only left of the problems of the world arguing in its symposiums and meeting and giving opinions and creating folloied disputes only in specialized magazines. Taking off few examples in Brazil as of the professor Pablo Ghiraldelli Jr and Susana de Castro between very little others we do not have philosophy appearing in the media nor for good nor for badly not being with the controversial project, and just, by the way, to try to give the last degree of responsibility to the philosophy: or if it becomes a profession as all the others and of the practical answers the society or diminishes and it disappears of time in its constellation of professors and researchers whom they write to only publish for its pairs. Without entailing some to the media, when it is only the case, and without popular penetration because it speaks of useless problems to the majority of the population clearly that seems not to import itself accurately with what it is the end of the man, but that men beat in women and reflect violence behind violence without no respect and consideration. But it does not have philosophical teses on this, therefore the Philosophy still considers bedding of thought and with captive place to ruminate everything that other sciences already had thought. Of the second half of century XX until the immense majority of the thinkers detached in the rinces of the philosophy they had today denied epteto philosopher and this has a reason.

Exam Preparation

Everyone once handed over, or will take the test, from which to some extent depends on his fate. The most frostbitten Pofigists unlikely to want to fall in the session and depart from the university, or graduated from school with poor certificate – so that the exam is always an event. And how to prepare for it and how it will be better to think in advance. Usually in the middle of the session on training is given 3-4 days. Try to finish all of the second half the last of them to the evening, and especially the night before the exam to be free.

Well relax and have fun at this time, and possibly throw away from the head of all thoughts about the subject. Does not need to lectures, textbooks, etc. continued to spin in your head and at rest. Do not be afraid to forget something important: human memory, if properly used, very firmly holds the information. Even if at the end training you are already tired, it begins to seem that – oh the horror! – You do not remember this or that, do not rush to repeat all over again. Benefit from this would not you just get tired and more nervous. Go quietly having fun or sleeping. On the morning of the exam quickly review the main points of the material – and from the depths of your memory all resurface. Of course, it happens that the amount of material is too big – God forbid manage to top exam, not that for a half-day to him! The best thing you can advise – do not fall into that situation.

Mogote Potential Of ” Crossings” To Teaching Of Values And Development Of An Environmental Culture

Proposing the study of the works of Marti, and especially The Diary of Campaign at Two Rivers Santo Domingo, where the Apostle is an analysis of about 63 species of plants which are discussed in the classes of Botany, way to achieve the promotion and understanding of these elements by students. Also can they increase their general knowledge, and thus demonstrate their preparation within the current Battle of Ideas that we are waging. I. INTRODUCTION mogote Los Cruces turns out to be a gem of unmatched value, not only because it so rich in terms of plasticity and diversity of flora and fauna, but also because this hillock after being made the floristic inventory could conclude that there a large number of plants of that hillock, which were studied and analyzed by Marti passionate nature and especially to plants. Thus it was decided to deepen this research along this line because it is an important way to foster in students the values that are transmitted through the study linked the works of Marti and the contents of the course of the year: Botany this case.

Making a stronger emphasis on conservation values, protection, research … And if it comes to values, higher education must deal with them as a priority. The world is experiencing a crisis that strikes mostly human feelings and qualities in them as important as solidarity, social justice, appreciation of beautiful things that do not involve a material but spiritual support, etc .