Month: May 2014

Wanting And Not Able To Someone That Had The Luck Of Be Mother

The years pass, is the life, when you think that you can now dedicate yourself to be happy your mind begins to have live memories to be able to feel happiness, moments of laughter, hugs, beautiful words, shared games, illusions, of innocence, shared dreams, respect, communication, tips and everything because unexpectedly the joy faded. Everything that you expect crumbles, everything changes without realizing, everything becomes dark and leave recognize him, you want to find him, you want him to recover and not only by it, by a selfish instinct, but by himself. Took you my being for nine months and that made that we are United for the rest of our lives by a special tie, surely color green hope. I know that he suffers, know that inside you feel disappointment with himself, but he is so proud that does not want help, prefers to deceive and thinking that since you want you can again become who he was, that since you want it may again become free and happy without having to rely on a substance, prefers thinking that he has no problem. To be a sensitive person brings many problems, he is, how having been as smart fails to be making the decision to steer his life, not wants to do and he alone is one who has to decide this. A truncated life, a life without goals, an empty life, without illusions. How many sleepless nights looking for an answer to so many questions in my head and in my heart, why, what was the moment that took that road, in what I have failed, perhaps our righteousness was actually harmful in their education, would have been better that I had consumed so that he did not and I say this because I’ve done that question at times knowing people who consume and have to its around to children than they do not.

The College

Its friends of the college also were there. They had taken a walk, they had tanned the night in one would pizzaria and had taken much bath of swimming pool in the sunday. Now, he was in return to its room. Only that still he needed to finish a work for the following day. One sat down in front of the screen of the computer and was direct for where it was the folder with the archives of the college. He passed midnight when he finished. – And there expensive, he gave how many with the Tati? – It was good excessively! We settle the night all, nor I attended the film.

We drink all and we smoke very, also, you on one? – It does not want to mark here in house, today? It comes with the Tati that arrangement one another one and we settle with the two. – Not, face, leaves the Tati. It is legal, but you not wanting to divide, for the time being – T maluco, my brother? You liking it? It speaks there, Given! – It is not nothing of this. It knows that I am not to bind to me in nobody. But, leaves I to tire first, later until gives it to you, you on one? – Cool. The TV you to a bag today, only speaks in the death of the couple. The expensive one was promotional.

They had discovered there that somebody delivered the package of spark. The TV circuit recorded, but it tava dark and the cap face, does not obtain to recognize. – Which is the address, Beto? – South Na zone, one marries very legal, why? – I made a work in day the same, for that face of the Rave, gained 100 credits. I delivered a package, I do not know what it had inside, but for the place that was alone it could be spark.

Education Software GmbH

Living language games for children help to build vocabulary, improve listening comprehension and support the independent work under the title I’m learning German is published a software package for language promotion at the Munich publishing house Education Software GmbH. Children with migration background or language deficits playfully explore their living environment. Multimedia program introduces you to the language, so that they can independently and with joy everyday situations better understand and cope with. The educational focus on the topics of family, nature, housing, clothing, shopping, games, weather, colors and quantities. The support software is versatile usable: kindergartens, hort, first base, schools, learning Studios, aftercare, language or learning therapeutic practices. Each of the games in the software package consists of a part of the demo and the game a part of learning. Will be shown in the demo examples, how the game works. In the learning of the children exercises can interactively to the Edit language acquisition.

A help button gives instructions on the correct solution during the game. In almost all games is a differentiation in three levels of difficulty. The difficulty level can be selected prior to the game. The games combine sound and image so that they are self explanatory and the children can tap into the also previously unknown words. This makes possible a very independent work with the software. Reading skills are not required. Children (from 4 years) are motivated by different incentives. They can collect for example points or defeat the dog DIXI in the competition.

This provided many incentives to the repeated use of the software. The software can be played directly without installation from the CD-ROM. In addition, she can be installed with just a few clicks of the mouse in the network of educational institutions, day-care centres or learning practices so that she at the same time, without any limitation can be used from all the places of learning. The software was developed by Dr. E. Heim, Chromis software, Dresden, which inter alia was awarded the Japan Prize for the world’s best learning software. In the development of concepts from the proven KHSweb/Chromis-software series were fit in English”takes into consideration, which allows first experiences with foreign language learning for primary school children. The software is both as a CD ROM at the publishing house or available in the book and teaching materials trade as well as to download for the buyout.

University Management

These agreements, without fear of mistakes, are those who produce large deviations between the duty being and being. Motivated to these realities the new elected authorities must by means of an effective (effective and efficient) attitudinal change guarantee an excellent academic management, that endorsement of the formation of professionals of high quality, having a market value in this global village. These new local university authorities, in addition to endorsing the repetitive achievement of academic excellence (assertiveness), have inescapable duty to ensure the autonomy of the centres of learning, as well as also applying a process of re-engineering or redesign of all the existing systems in your internal environment, starting with the process of recruitment, selection and employment of that institution’s: teaching, students, administrative staff and workers; in the which should prevail the ideas and concepts of the management tool of the Topgrading, i.e. getting the best. Only type A people! This would bring as consequence that people who enter to UC’s quality and human quality is precisely that guarantees the quality of products, goods and services. Very valid that Professor Paez exposes when refers, another aspect that the new authorities should improve substantially is the institutional projection of UC in their geographic catchment area. The human talent that the University, it is in the best position to assume their leading role in problem solving and project management of improvements through innovation and creativity, not only of those needs arising in the public sector, but also in private. Many of these spaces that should be occupied by the maximum House of studies of the center of the country, have been invaded by universities, technological public and private, not only of this federal entity, but from other latitudes. This loss of leadership, is also a consequence of policy decisions. Since long we have referrals through publications, seminars on the topic of education, how the University of Carabobo has seriously neglected its leadership in the region and has not taken advantage of the market enclosing this, allowing that private institutions which have seriously harmed the academic quality needed to face the great challenges that occur in the present will have proliferated in order to satisfy the demand of some races.

Managing Director Student

Start the current survey of the education barometer Gelsenkirchen, December 2009. The demands on the education increase from pages of the school and the parents. “Scientific research has repeatedly shown that the effectiveness of” school, i.e. the school success, much of a (successful) cooperation of parents, students and teachers depends on. The Centre for empirical educational research of the University of Koblenz-Landau, campus Landau and aid for students want to know how is made the relationship between parents and teachers and the cooperation works.

Therefore the two facilities calling all interested in education, to participate in the next education barometer. The online survey at the address is from December until the 15.1.2010. The cooperation between parents and teachers an important role for the educational development of children has been proven”, explains Prof. Dr. Reinhold S. Jager, Managing Director of the Center for empirical educational research (zepf) of the University of Koblenz-Landau, campus Landau.

“” The results of the survey be also rise to a joint discussion of all those involved, so that school increasingly can comply with the, what they want to do: children to promote and contribute to the success of life to afford. “We experience it every day, that parents have reservations with the teachers of their children and ask us to make contact with the school”, confirms Norbert Milte, Managing Director of student aid due to its many years of experience from the practice. “The student aid as a neutral instance can convey in this very emotional relationship for the benefit of the student.” The education barometer is a joint initiative of the Centre for empirical educational research (zepf) of the University of Landau and student aid.