Month: March 2013

The Presenter

When there is a clear and understandable rules, life becomes predictable, it is less uncertainty and anxiety. The child learns to live in the group, organized by specific and clear rules and adhering to and maintaining these rules, he learns to create for himself and around him a safe and comfortable environment. How to react to what is happening in the classroom? Adults are full members of the group, child and mother are present in the group, together with their relationship and the usual means of communication. Up to 3 years old child, "Mom," so it's good if the kid comes in lessons with his mother, who is his primary role models. Therefore, one of the rules of the group – all mothers do with their children (finger exercises, warm-up movement), while not interfering with the child, not straightening it. It is important to take your child and patiently, respect him for the usual pace, without forcing the events and not looking at other kids, to help him learn not to fuss with the world. The psyche of the child develops from a smaller greater granularity. Groups of young children rather chaotic and it is normal.

An adult is difficult to be in that group – there is a sense promiscuity, lack of control, uncertainty, and be in the most uncomfortable uncertainty. But as the band evolves over time, it is structured, the chaos and uncertainty disappear. There is nothing wrong if the group is children with aggressive behavior. Although for most it's a difficult situation, but we must remember that sooner or later every child is faced with the aggression of others, and he must learn to meet and overcome it. For the remaining children a good experience.

The task of the presenter and mother of the child to show his attitude toward such behavior, to understand its origins, to understand what the child wants to say or get manifesting itself in such a way to show non-constructive, the destructiveness of such behavior and to give another way to achieve the desired or utter impossibility of this and help it to take. Requirements for the master Attention kids spontaneously and that it must hold always get something "brand new out of the bag." However, recognition is important for the baby and repeatability. Value of old and new classes in the class must be optimal. The facilitator must be dynamic, emotional, spontaneous, match the immediate needs of children and knows how to improvise. More important to move the child to adjust to it and keep in the right direction than to follow rigidly scheduled plan lessons. Important contact with a child – if you child is not interesting, it does not work. Since kids can not work without loving children. Children will feel the attitude towards him, and if you are annoyed and not happy with the child, it is feels and will not play with you. During a visit to the early development groups need to focus primarily on the emotional state and mood of the child. If the classes he likes if he goes to the group with pleasure – choice was correct. If you feel discomfort, you may need to find another option. You can consult a psychologist on all matters relating to the upbringing and education of children. Our site is

Learn Mathematics

The math, is one of Sciences most beautiful, but over time have become coconut or headache of many students, regardless of grade of schooling in which this is. None of this, this more from reality, because the problem is not in mathematics, but in the subject that study them. Knowing this, we can act on the subject, DJs the right path to follow for the effective understanding of mathematics. This process involves an internalization will have a time of 15 days, which is considered sufficient so that any student can grasp is: the essence of mathematics. In this whole process is you shall teach: how to apply logic to mathematics. No doubt the logic is fundamental part of mathematics, but in this case is you must teach a logic adapted especially to the understanding of mathematics.

How to get databases mathematics. Unfortunately while many students, found in upper grades, had no solid bases, which must be purchased to be a great connoisseur of the Mathematics, but all this has a solution: simply must explain some topics considered as the foundations of mathematics, and this problem is solved in a satisfactory manner. As prepare for a math topic. In this aspect is you must teach the student a systematic process that will lead to a unique and effective preparation for the mathematician, regardless of whatever this. This process will be accompanied by several stages that handle external and internal aspects of the preparation and understanding of a topic mathematician, which necessarily must be known to be a great connoisseur of mathematics. How to study a topic of mathematics and not forget it the minute. Many students learn Mathematics for an exam and after this: forgotten topic. At this stage are you must give to the student, strategies to make the study of mathematics will be remembered of for life and not just for the time of examination.

Once the subject student has been memorized him each of these phases, no doubt will be ready to tackle any subject mathematician, by difficult being this considered, the fact that already has been tested through experiences with students. All this indicates as initially said that the problem must attack from the vision of the subject and not mathematics, since these sciences are unique and accurate. Finally, this becomes an enriching process for the student, which only carries fifteen days of teachings to achieve how to learn math. !So easy becomes to understand mathematics and problem solved! Edgar Perez Lucas, is an engineer and teacher of mathematics, which has been characterized by teaching methods that lead to any person to the understanding of mathematics. his great dream is that mathematics, are looks like the science entertainment and secure any day, will not be very far this appreciation of reality itself.

Methods Effective For Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the actions that are always in the eye of the storm of opinions. Numerous studies that there is on the subject analysed from different perspectives, almost always from a Westernized look. This means that we are in the part of the world where the appearance is too appreciated. Beyond the issue of aesthetics, increasingly becomes important the fact or the goal of weight loss for health issues. Obesity, which many are caught in the dilemma of qualify it as a disease, is a problem that has acquired long-standing epidemiological traits. And he has done so because the proportion of obese adults or with some extra kilos is growing.

Join this practice habits or unhealthy lifestyles such as sedentary lifestyle, smoking, eat in excess, etc. But it is true that depending on the mindset of a person who knows that he has to reduce some pounds, thinning can be seen in different ways. It can be taken as a torture, as an opportunity to change their daily lives, as a key to success social, etc. In addition, not all factors of weight gain are the same in all individuals.Proportionately to changes that occur between one culture and another, slimming also it has become a more or less official theme The emergence of television shows in the form of realities that promise quick weight loss are the most popular currently in television wave. The number of advertised products that contribute to weight loss is impressive, factor that is enhanced by the occurrence in the consumer market for the entertainment of the slim figure as canon to follow. There is another great form in this matter, and is the fashion.Fashion, entertainment, health, aesthetics; These are all concepts that are related to the topic of weight loss. Fortunately, there is much information available here that can help us understand issues such as metabolism, the polyunsaturated fats, bad cholesterol and the good cholesterol. Increasingly there are support groups that help people with overweight have one life healthy and bearable. And as a result, you can say that overweight, or better said, slimming, does not constitute in itself one minor issue. It is something that is very rooted in this Western culture, as he said, worried about the appearance.