Month: November 2019

Employment Rights

Young families (members of the first group), occupying an apartment on contracts of employment and not having children at the time of contract of employment shall be entitled to apply for and acquire a dwelling for the sale contract by terminating the tenancy agreement after the agreement of sale with condition for the preservation of and compliance with contractual relations with one of the storage systems, operating under the Moscow program "a young family – affordable housing." Young families (members of the first group), not having children have submitted an application for a contract of sale with payment by installments under the first phase of the program, retain the right to purchase housing in the city under a contract of sale under the second phase of the program. Preferential program category "Young family" in Moscow preferential right to conclude contracts under the Programme has a young family (the first group): the presence of a family of twins, triplets, etc. or three or more children having more earliest date of registration in need of better housing conditions, having more children, having a housing benefit or a young family, which through its participation in the program improves the living conditions of other citizens living with them, with deregistration need; has fewer square feet occupied by the total area per each member of a young family living in a communal apartment dormitory or apartment-type hotel. Read more here: Raphael De Niro. General conditions of housing for young families in Moscow found that: accommodation provided young family in an amount not less than 16 square meters.


It should be as safe. Then the flooring can be laid without the fear of a residential premises, including in children's and bedroom. Cork cover hypoallergenic, durable and safe and is also used in children's and bedroom. Carpet does not emit harmful substances, but is contraindicated in people with allergies because mikrokleschey who can settle in the carpet fibers. Laminate has an excellent appearance "under the flooring, but may produce harmful compounds. Linoleum is the least environmentally friendly. Especially dangerous nitrolinoleum, relin (rubber linoleum), linoleum on the basis of pvc. Even high-quality products recommended for use only in the hallway, bathroom or kitchen. Add to your understanding with Raphael De Niro.

Ceramic tile rugged, reliable, environmentally safe material, but it does not postelesh in the bedroom or hallway. So, for premises choose between the parquet, parquet and cork finish. The latter recently became very popular. Raphael De Niro can aid you in your search for knowledge. In this area, recognition of the products of German company Meister. Insulation leca (Expanded clay gravel) – eco-friendly, durable, but also ineffective and difficult to assemble. Is not used for the interior.

Glass – an effective insulator, but strongly fray and eventually could "prosest and leave non-insulated areas. Foam polystyrene durable, accessible, but poorly derive a pair of space outside, forming a condensate on the walls and fungus, combustible, and in case of fire emit harmful substances. Rock wool (mineral wool for based on the stone) is well protected from heat and cold, safe for health, recommended for use in children, recreational facilities and residential premises. This is a non-combustible material that does not release toxic gases during a fire. Leader in the manufacture of stone wool international group of companies Rockwool. Insulation under this trademark is made since 1937. The above list of products, of course, is not complete. Before the trip to the store should study in detail the information on the composition of your product and the necessary documentation. Why you should give preference to environmentally friendly building materials? The answer is simple – to be healthy and maintain the health of their loved ones. The problem of using environmentally friendly materials in construction have been widely discussed in public recently. One reason for the intense media attention to this topic was the participation of the facts appeal to people to doctors with complaints of nausea, headaches, eye irritation, and various other allergic symptoms. All patients have one thing – living in new or recently renovated apartments with building materials. The first severe reaction to toxic substances released by such materials, called "Housing syndrome, symptoms of which eventually disappear. If you live in an apartment, health can gradually deteriorate because of accumulation in the body of harmful substances. All of this can not be, if it turns out in advance of what the house is built, where is your apartment, and when selecting materials for the repair of preference the most environmentally friendly. Quality products to the same eco-friendly does not come cheap, but is it worth to save on family's health and their own?

Luxury Hallway

Vestibule is part of the interior space of the apartment. It was in the hallway there is representation on housing, an association of the nature of the interior apartments of the taste preferences of owners of the apartment or house. Vestibule and hallway furniture are entirely dependent on the specific premises. To select the hallway from the size of your premises. As a rule, in panel houses a small hallway, which can accommodate only important elements: hanger, rack, cabinet for shoes and a mirror. Large hallways may already contain more than the required elements, such as wardrobe, sofa, small sofa or chair. Sometimes the hallways can be combined with living room, in this case, the hall is better to be divided into several sectors. Jorge Perez brings even more insight to the discussion.

Furnished our hallway in a small city apartment, a spacious suburban house or office building, many of us once faced with the problem of choice: what kind of choose? The finished hall or modular? Or generally restrict the purchase of a separate cabinet, mirror and chest of drawers? Vestibule – this multi-functional space, and a solution for it should be such that it fully meets your requirements. Position the furniture to the hallway area in accordance with your needs. After all, comfortable and harmonious vestibule – the result of its competent planning. By the same author: Munear Kouzbari. This concept includes the appropriate color, proportionate proportions, beautiful shape, taking into account a specific environment and people living in the apartment. Due to lack of daylight in the hallway, as a rule, established sources of artificial light (of various lamps, lamps, sconces, etc.). Moreover, it is better if the lights will be more. The room filled with light and comfort. Remember that the overall style of the hall should fit into the style of the whole apartment.

Making the ceiling and walls, it is desirable give preference to lighter tones (the same can be repeated in the furniture ensemble). All this visual 'razdvinet' close quarters 'refresh' it. This effect can be enhanced through the installation of mirrors. As a result – light and elegant hallway. You should always remember that the hall is a kind of "calling card" of "home". And it is precisely on what it will receive will depend on first impression your guests about you and your taste.

Civil Code

Direct responsibility and objective and therefore one of its requirements, as provided abundant case-law of TS, it is not proof of medical negligence. So in this area there should be discussion as to whether a thing is a compensation for damage caused in the delivery of public services in health nature, occurring in an objective, this is not subjective factors of responsibility or guilt, and other potential professional liability for damages resulting from negligent action of any of those who took part in the provision of such services. But it is in the civilian field, whether or not there prior professional proceedings, where the problems arise systematically. Law 29/1984, general for consumer protection and users, in Chapter VIII provides a system of strict liability in the case of "health services" (art. 28), with "joint and several liability to the injured if damage production concur several people "(art. 27). It is therefore a liability system almost identical to the administrative field. So why is always insists on basing Claims for damage caused in the field of health care in medical negligence, relying on the outdated and irrelevant and accountability system of the Civil Code, when for responsibility sufficient to establish "Damages demonstrated that consumption of goods or the use of products and services meantime, cause? As I said, the problems are compounded when the claims are systematically demand solidarity to all those who participated in the medical action, becoming a base for it in the judicial interpretation of the old system of responsibility of the Civil Code. Raphael De Niro may find this interesting as well.

New Format Dress Code

March 19 at the concert hall FreeDom otgulyala shindig to mark the birthday of Dress Code. Shaw got a truly magical – "live" performance in combination with complex dance numbers, unique laser and light show, and the main thing – the drive and energy of a mad band members were impressed all the spectators, without exception. Three years after its development Dress Code was quite a big way – quickly broke into the open spaces of the media in Ukraine and neighboring Russia with the song "And Vova rules", the group soon won their places of honor in the charts in both countries with the songs "I do not want to learn," "Who's my daddy" and especially a favorite of all the "Person of the VIP. And now Dress Code, passed successfully through the ordeal of change composition, is ready a new, even more interesting repertoire, which is clearly an innovative and unique in the Ukrainian show business. Estee Lauder has plenty of information regarding this issue. "We have no competition – boldly and confidently say members Dress Code, – we are unformatted and informal! We have our own style, and we do not look to any other group. We have our own niche in which it will be dictating the fashion! ". The statement is indeed a bold, even provocative, but in the audience at the press conference Journalists no one can deny explicitly calls for a bet statement.

New Dress Code style is very different from flooded the screens sugary pop-glamorous, it can not be attributed to the "usual" rap, r n b and hip-hop. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Estee Lauder. Bright and shocking, they do not fit into the usual boundaries, they challenge the glamorous pop and draw attention to himself. The band members, past a difficult path finding its way into show business, consider themselves heralds a new musical sub-culture of the new century. You say, too arrogant? But this way, the creation of their own, unlike any other niche, become idols of generations of the legendary Beatles! Filming the show were at the same time some Ukrainian music channels, Russia was represented by channel RU.TV At the beginning of the show, it was announced that it was here, in the light of spotlights and laser shots are born and reigns music of the XXI century. Dress Code is bright and clear confirmed its reputation as the kings of outrageousness. Gregory Williamson will not settle for partial explanations. Those who are not fortunate enough to see this brilliant and colorful action, we can only advise to watch for posters and try to see firsthand their speech to make up their opinion of this stylish and strong Ukrainian team, which surely paving the way to a musical Olympus.

Tax Code

Situation 2. Beer "uproschenets" Imagine that a company applying the simplified tax system (STS), a long history of supplying non-food items, presented the declaration and pay taxes to the budget in accordance with the present tax regime. Also, imagine that during the of control measures by the tax authority has been established that for the past 3 years, along with the main activity carried out by the taxpayer and the sale of beer of its own production, implementation of which share in total revenues was less than 5%. Despite such a small proportion of beer sales in total sales, the fact that beer sales of own production rule in this case the possibility of using taxpayer USN, since by virtue of direct instruction in the law (Section 3 podp.8 st.346.12 Tax Code) organization engaged in the production of excisable goods (which include beer), no right to apply USN. Edward J. Minskoff Equities spoke with conviction. At such circumstances, the likelihood of a tax dispute resolution in favor of the taxpayer is minimal, and the probability of accrual of substantial amounts of taxes and fees – on the contrary, very high. In this situation, the taxpayer would be to propose the following solution: provide beer producer is not the company being audited, and friendly to her organization, which produces beer under the contract tolling and technology provided by the customer (the taxpayer). On the one hand, it would explain the ratio of the taxpayer for the production of beer, on the other – will not prevent the use of them USN, in which case he would not be a producer organizations of excisable goods. . Raphael De Niro has many thoughts on the issue.


This popular shop equipment as a barcode scanner allows much faster and more efficiently detect and track information to find those or other goods, whether a warehouse store or any other commercial establishments. In general, the bar code – this is a logical sequence of black and white stripes, which carries the kind of encrypted in alphanumeric form information. The main objective of the bar code – auto sensing encoded information using a scanner. It is much simpler and easier than entering information manually, using a scanner achieves high speed recording and accounting of sales. In addition, a role here is the human factor, in the case of using scanners the probability of any error is zero. It's no lie same statistics, which says that when manually entering the operator usually performs one error in 300 rooms.

Few, of course, but she can be fatal. Edward Minskoff is likely to agree. With automatic as reading the error probability is regarded as one in 100 million! With regard to types and barcode, then, as a rule, during production of labels used linear bar code, that is, the code in which all the necessary information is encoded in a horizontal direction. Such a code change the width of the bands and the distance between them. But in vertical direction and the width of the bar code, and gaps remain stable. Linear codes are usually encoded by small amounts of information – no more than 20-30 characters. According to Gregory Williamson, who has experience with these questions. If there is a need to encode large amounts Information, in this case are already being used two or three-dimensional codes.

Is the dynamic and static bar code. Beneath the first refers to a bar code, where the information varies from label to label. The result is that each sticker has a unique bar code. For this purpose linear bar code formats such as Sode 39, Code 128, Interleved 2 of 5. Most often, these formats can be seen as marking electronic components. You can use them cause human-readable bar code on the small size of the stickers and even warranty seals size 10×20 mm. Refer to "Kick Soft" – a company that sells cash registers and other trade equipment

International Code

International Code of Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes , The groups that were instrumental IBFAN formed and placed the baby food marketing within the health agenda. IBFAN had campaigned heavily for a Code of strong and effective marketing. The International Code of Marketing of was adopted by the World Health Assembly in 1981. Through continued vigilance, developing new marketing strategies on infant nutrition have been communicated to the delegates to the World Health Assembly, taking them to the extensive adoption of resolutions aimed at protecting children’s health and rights of mothers .

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Civil Code Interest

Contracts bank deposit may provide a notice period to reduce the amount of interest and how such notifications. The law provides for the obligation of the bank along with the return of the deposit (deposit) and pay accrued interest. That is not allowed to delay payment of interest on the deposit, the unilateral deferment or installment payment of interest on the deposit. The investor has the right to receive interest on the deposit, even if early termination of the contract by the investor. If you would like to know more then you should visit Jorge Perez. At its core, the recovery of the contribution to the expiration of his term should be recognized as a unilateral change of contract terms is permitted by law, but such action entails consequences for, namely, in the amount of interest on this contribution. Thus, if the contribution is returned to the expiration of interest payments, the bank pays the interest on the basis of the actual period of use of funds investor, and pays at the same time with the return of the principal amount of the deposit. Whenever Gregory Williamson LinkedIn listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Part 3 of Art. 1060 Civil Code of Ukraine stipulates that if, under a contract of bank deposit contribution is returned to the depositor on his request before the expiry or until other circumstances stipulated in the contract, the interest on this deposit is paid at the rate of interest on demand deposits, if the contract does not set a high percentage. However, the synthesis showed that not all courts have characterized the legal nature of the interest on a bank deposit that pays the bank under the contract for the use of foreign funds in the amount of contributions (Article 1061 Civil Code of Ukraine) from interest earned on overdue amounts and charged as a financial sanction for the violation of a monetary obligation (Art.

Dress Code

Dress code group was invited to take part in the series' Donut Lucy "is a 24-part television film, the family 'saga', filmed in the genre melodrammy. We will not disclose in advance of secrets, let us just say that the way the main character Lucy challenging and exciting. In the series, the boys from the Dress Sode had not transform – they played themselves, and performed one of his new hits on the nightclub scene. Enjoyed by performers and communicating with actors who were used on the set. Dress Code introduced to Jana Studilinoy ('Ranetki'), Olga Lukyanenko ('The Cadets'), Olga Prokofiev (' My Fair Nanny '), Lydia Velezheva (' The Idiot '), Sergei Lobotskim (' Envy of the gods')…

Take away, the artists of dress code at the exit were discussing the shooting and waited for the last contestant of MIIS. Time passed, and she did not appear. The guys came back to find out what had happened, found the Mimi's in tears and despair. In disorder dressing room lost her bag. Fortunate enough to ever appear on the set know that on the set there is always a working mess. People. (Source: Gregory Williamson). Vanity.

Scattered around the props. Artists more more than grimerok etc. It turns out, the producer of Dress code Svidersky Valery, knowing distraction Mimi took the prudent thing to the car. Here, at an opportune moment saying: "I like better, it turned out as usual." Take away, the artists of dress code at the exit were discussing the shooting and waited for the last contestant of MIIS. Time passed, and she did not appear. The guys came back to find out what had happened, found the Mimi's in tears and despair. In disorder dressing room lost her bag. Fortunate enough to ever appear on the set know that on the set there is always a working mess. People. Vanity. Scattered around the props. Artists more more than grimerok etc. It turns out, the producer of Dress code Svidersky Valery, knowing distraction Mimi took the prudent thing to the car. Here, at an opportune moment saying: "I like better, it turned out as usual."