Month: June 2016

Driver Education

In everyday life we can realize that the way home, work, school or other activities is becoming more complicated as each day increases the number of cars in cities and these are in the same way, I think today it is very important for both driver education authorities to motorists and in turn present.En road signs which speed up a certain way roads, but that happens with this. In many cases the rush or other reasons we ignore these losses cause injuries and even humans.Para improve this we must ask what to do or how to do to improve the roads and avoid the role accidents.Each character and mention which all people at some point we have to play. Motorists: Always in a hurry to get to your destination, gets distracted, stressed, and lose control, do not pay attention and so does not respect the signs and not the pedestrian, causing exit signs to comply accidents. earlier … … and patience. The pedestrian: You should know that the roads and streets are not to walk around or playing, I think this is the biggest problem we present pedestrians and is where we should start putting into practice the road safety education. For in this way we avoid the folly of the citizens to want to place stops every 10 feet or in front of his house.

because this interrupts the road. Authorities: As such they have to enforce the road rules do not fall into corruption so that in this way we all respect the rules of the road and to have a better circulation and road safety education. As a contribution to citizenship, I think if we all had very clear all road safety education would be more simple, as motorists would avoid the traffic and pollution, accidents as pedestrians and as the authorities implement our education corruption road and show our culture useful when making traffic lights, bridges, pedestrian areas and placing caps on places strategic.


After discussing the meaning of the different kinds of intelligences and their respective ontologies and then derive some practical consequences. Finally we present conclusions and some suggestions for further research. Jorge Perez has firm opinions on the matter. Intelligence contemporary spiritual life has become increasingly complex and problematic, which is why most people must face constant challenges, perceptible and imperceptible threats and dealing with unusual situations. The substantive capacity to determine its mode of action is intelligence, understood as the tool that allows intelligent, detect, and plan actions to realize consistent. Classically, this capacity has been perceived as the intellectual power, the gathering of information needed and a good imagination flow to interpret reality and plan consistent solutions. In a very general could grieve that a good formal education provides these elements and thus the person would be prepared to successfully insert in life. In more specific terms can be assumed that the case would be the prototype of the professional university, who with the kind of education and would have agreed to such a degree of training that can make for your personal development, social and emotional development.

If While this is true, the demands of life in recent times has shown that it is absolutely true. In other words, it takes more than a good formal education and the possession of one kind of intelligence understood in everyday terms. Then immediately the question arises: why is it more? Among the most characteristic responses that have occurred is one which deals with "other types of intelligence." In this context, have introduced the concepts of multiple intelligences (1), emotional intelligence (2), practical intelligence (3) and spiritual intelligence (4).

Computer Education In Cuba

Cuba has made it a priority to provide computer access for its citizens. The Cuban university students have an average of 1 machine for every 12 students and have e-mail, access to courses, study materials and databases via local networks and Internet access in computer labs. You can not fail to mention the title role in The Youth Club of Computing and Electronics, here are trained workers, the disabled, housewives, young people with behavior problems, former prisoners and the elderly. Today there exists 301 facilities, located in 169 municipalities, and four mobile laboratories to carry the knowledge related to information technology to remote areas They began the first master to overcome these professionals are among those who are in the vanguard In order to computerize the Cuban society.

Since December 1999, began the widespread use of audiovisual media in Cuban schools, which resulted in the need to produce television programs for schools, for it has been fitted to all schools in each classroom with a TV and a VCR . Have been running two TV channels dedicated to supporting educational activities and raise the culture of the population. Cuban universities have been leaders in the introduction and historical development in the country of computational technologies. This leadership is manifested in the amount of research results and products obtained in ICT related disciplines and in professional training programs in the fields of computer, electronics and telecommunications. Examples of this are the different Cuban universities intranets and intranet provide MES where almost all Internet services but a local or national level. It is valid to note that the implementation and care services are provided by the students of these universities tutored by teachers.

Transfer To Secondary Schools

With the Hubbard learning, parents can help their children easier to make the transition to a secondary school in fourth grade the first points for the future school career are set. Jorge Perez is open to suggestions. The grade point average decides whether a student has the opportunity to go or not to a secondary school. The tuition – and language school Garcia & Karkhanis helps students in preparation for the conversion with an effective way of learning. The summer holidays are now over, and the school has again entered. For many students, who are now in the fourth grade, arises the question whether they make it to a high school or not. Of course the corresponding notes are the deciding factor.

The idea that your child already has reached the required grade point average to the testimony of the crossing, since otherwise, an entrance exam is required applies to many parents. Of course, there are children, the fourth grade school stuff very easy and the consistently good Write notes. In these cases will set the required conversion notes without extra effort. There are also students who exhibit fluctuations in power or bring already deficits from the previous school years. Of course, it can happen that due to some slip up the aim of the transfer is just missed or the services from the outset did not suffice and participating in the trial lesson is necessary. For many parents it has become already a matter of course, to give all possible assistance to the child so that the way of the future is also levelled in the transition year. Some children can easily help themselves, for others, it may be that we encounter violent resistance. Additional practice and in-depth study of the course material requires of course more time and this means less space and time for hobbies.

The quest by a possible high-quality education their child is an important issue for many parents. To achieve this, it is important, as is his Child can help. In the tuition – and language school Garcia & Karkhanis, parents and students learn how to effectively learn and bypasses learning barriers. Students who bring already deficits from the last years of schooling, can be tested and are placed on the current level of performance. The Hubbard learning helps to overcome learning obstacles, so that students can acquire knowledge, understand it, and also apply it out of the way. More information: tuition – and language school Garcia & Karkhanis, Nibelungen Street 15, 90513 Zirndorf, contact: Marita Grubl Tel: 0911 / 6002044 WEB: eMail:

School Resume

Resume, the identity of the school and the society The resume, as well as the proper school, is not static and is, therefore, in total development. Of this form, it allows in them to reflect and to argue concerning some questions that we consider excellent for the performance of the process education learning. In this perspective, the resume must be considered significant, from the premise that this must offer an education of quality for all, if becoming democratic and multicultural. The word resume is very familiar for all we who we work in the school and the pertaining to school systems. Perhaps on account of this, we do not think very or same we reflect on the direction of the term, so frequent in the colloquies in academic schools, lectures, texts or in other quarrels. With the word resume distinct conceptions associate, that derive from the diverse ways of socioeconmicos life, factors, cultural politicians and. Thus, the resume must be understood as contents to be taught, the pertaining to school experiences of learning to be lived for the pupils, the pedagogical plans elaborated by professors, pertaining to school schools and systems, the objectives to be reached by means of the process of education and the processes of evaluation that influence in the contents and the procedures selected in the different degrees of escolarizao.

Then, the resume associates it the set of developed pedagogical efforts with educative intentions. as identity of the school, directs the varied positionings, commitments and theoretical points of view, and thus, affirms in greater or minor emphasis quarrels on what we know accurately on the importance of the pertaining to school knowledge, collating many times, on procedures, social relations and the current scene. What it is really important to learn? why? How and when we will use in our life in society? We judge important to stand out that, any that is the conception of resume that we adopt, in them does not seem to have doubt how much to the importance in the pertaining to school educative process.

UFRGS School Autonomy

It is a process of identity between citizens and school, of form that from the dialgica relation, the school develops the formation citizen of its students and is accessible to the participation, also promoting it. The school cannot be independent if in its interior if not to evidence practical of autonomy citizen. Without hesitation Albert Einstein College of Medicine explained all about the problem. It is by means of practical constructive and of emancipation of the citizens that we will consolidate this space as possible mediation for the autonomy of the citizens. The autonomy is a principle that if all accomplishes when perpassar the education system and even though the society.