Month: June 2014

The Father

The speech contained two confessions: 1) father, I have sinned against Heaven and against you, and (2) Father, am no longer worthy to be called your son. The speech also contained an order: father, make me as one of your workers. Prodigal, getting up in the middle of the mire, began walking toward the parental home with throbbing heart and tilted to Earth face; and when even was far his father saw him, and his father was moved with compassion, and his father ran, and his father threw on his neck, and his father kissed him. That scene so tender and wonderful a father who looks at his son even though it is far, who loves his son even when dirty, exhausted, poor and humiliated. Imagine the tender scene of two souls fused in a hug, a father covered with immaculate vestments and a child covered with clothing splashed with mud from the pigsty and spots of many dyes and paints of HARLOTS. While father hugged him and kissed, Prodigo began the speech prepared in the loneliness of exile, saying: father, I have sinned against Heaven and against you, I am not worthy to be called your son, but the father was interrupted the speech to avoid his son asked him to be a simple day laborer.

Deeply shocked and happy, the father asked his servants that they dress your child with the best dress (declaring you it just), which placed a ring in his hand (declaring heir), and that will fit your feet with shoes (declaring child). Furthermore, the father requested that they bring the calf Gordo to be sacrificed and subsequently served during a gala dinner. It also requested that all musical instruments, to invite all musicians to animate the party with chants, dances and dances are desempaquen. In addition, requested that open sources of water and the lights of the Palace on: because East was my dead son, and he has revived; It had been lost, and is found, and everyone began to rejoice.

Research Professors

The drawings are the instruments used for the registers. It will always have symbols to express the knowledge, when it will not have theoretical referenciais. 4 – RESULTS AND QUARREL 4,1 – PROFESSORS All the activities had been submitted the analysis, so that we could understand the ambient perception of the pupils in question. We evidence a clipping of the Project of Research so that the professors of the Pertaining to school Unit in study left registered of its performance and the knowledge on the boarded subject. The questionnaire to be answered by the professors was delivers to the same ones during the process of capacity of lessons of the school. In the chance 42 professors if made gifts, however, the school counts on 43 effective professors in the year of 2001.

Of the 30 questionnaires distributed to the professors gifts, being that 03 professors had opposed to answer it the same. Of these, 01 professor argued not to be made entire of the ambient questions of the country. Of the universe of 27 questionnaires, we had the return of 16 professors who had answered questionnaire expressing a percentage of 59% of answers, being that 02 of these are Pedagogical Coordenadores and excessively (14) is acting in the docncia (classroom) had answered and returned the instrument, 11 of these professionals had not answered nor had returned. 4.2. ENVIRONMENT IN FORM OF DRAWINGS After the interviews with the professors and, in the sequence, became fullfilled the activities with the pupils. This was the form that we find to make a possible parallel of as the professors of the pupils of this research think, act and perceive the environment when the subject is Ambient Education. In if treating to the pupils, the work in classroom had basic importance in the development of this research.

Initially we look for to carry through the work with the professors as starting point, considering that the classroom would be a estimulador so that the pupils could present its first results, therefore understands that this environment allows that the oral arguments, the drawing, the text the presentations can evolve, enriching the knowledge of pupils making possible the development of the proper resources of communication. Considering that the Schools are not syntonized in a Program of Ambient Education little they make to change this reality; the chosen physical space for this practical does not matter, therefore the interaction in the way if of the one through the comments, perceptions; thus we establish a contact between human being and half to be studied, searched, allowing an approach about sensitivity, so that we start to adopt a position that if makes necessary to explore this track of the Ambient to be searched or studied Education. The participation of the pupils at the prompt moments of the cultural activities of art was marked by the liberty of speech of the same ones. Different colors and tones had been used to register these activities, clearly that as the taste of each pupil, leaving these to vonta

Your Education Is Sorted View Telenovelas

Yet in real shock after armed by our Honoree Secretary of education in Mexico, Alonso Lujambio to thank television, specifically some soap operas, to be promoters of education. We must accept advantageous subject: how much you have to pay in inscriptions to be seen soap operas? You only need to make a bag of popcorn, sit your children against TV and start preparing your speech for father of the year. I want to clarify that I am not a very politically educated person and that until recently didn’t even know who was the Secretary of education. After several years of seeing political, national and foreign, say really incredible things on television (and not incredibly good, I want to clarify), still I wonder the capacity to earn their predecessors in say and do mensadas. Because reward a television station and its soap operas by promoting education is one thing, but when it comes from Mr Secretary of education (which in dead language means that Lord who is responsible for the education of an entire country), is really something to laugh, cry, or maneuver a combination of both. Before this, I remember a phrase that I read out there: why Dios us God two ears to hear and a mouth, only one, to silence us. A few days ago few had failed to appoint the Secretary of education. Today, it is another infamous character.

It was so difficult to stay silent? If we already have one of the worst places in education (Yes, still have that honor) at the global level is necessary to tell the world that our main educator thinks that part of the solution is to see soap operas? Faced with this situation, many say that things stay this way. Ultimately, the guy is a politician and is expected to say outlandish things. The problem is that, as the second of our President, what he says speaks for us. Whether we like it or not, each of these characters represent us because, directly or indirectly, we thing We put there. In movies, series and cartoons is to Mexicans as a few ensarapados, reloaded at a wall and plugging us head with the hat so that the Sun does not disrupt our siesta. Many have been those who have complained and they have protested this image and stereotype. Perhaps those who insulted us with similar image now have to replace it with an ensarapado watching TV. I do not know exactly who wanted to make this Lord but I know that he will be remembered by many people for a long time.

According to some it may be a presidential for 2012. You can that you are giving to know. Who knows? Maybe talk shows and soap operas in the afternoon have more result that public schools that so many disappointments have caused in this country. Solutions there are many. Simply have an open mind. Meanwhile, the 4 should be ready the notebook to start true education for your favorite channel have written already several articles, mainly about marketing on the Internet, but without forgetting that I am Mexican and my own humble opinion. Original author and source of the article