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Original Moravian Star

History of the original Moravian star Moravian star adorn in the advent and Christmas season many homes, churches, social institutions, but also streets, squares and showcase. The originating from the small Saxon town of Herrnhut tradition to assemble the star in the family circle and hang him on the first Sunday in advent, is distributed worldwide and has a long tradition. The tradition to assemble the star in the family and on the first Sunday of advent to hang him, has a long tradition and is closely related to the history of the Moravian Church, an evangelical non-denominational Church connected. At the beginning of the 18th century descendants found the Protestant Moravian Church, which during the Counter-Reformation had left their home in Bohemia and Moravia, on the estate of the counts of interest village in Upper Lusatia is a new home. The place Herrnhut founded by you under the hat of the Lord was to the point of origin for the new Herrnhut Moravian Church and a worldwide missionary activity. While the members of the community in many parts of the world of their mission work devoted themselves to their children in the Moravian received a very good education boarding schools for their future life.

At the beginning, the maths was so the first star in the boarding school of the Moravian Church were made. At the beginning of the 19th century an educator on the occasion of the anniversary of a school built a star made of paper and cardboard and posted it with lighting. Later, the star craft was recorded in the mathematics and geometry classes, to improve the spatial thinking and to form geometric body and put together. At the beginning of the advent season, students built the star together and decorate their boarding lounges with these. Those quiet hours in the community were so at the same time happy hours in the boarding school groups and also helped the children easier to get over the separation from their families and the pre-Christmas time to enjoy. They adopted this custom later than childhood memories in their own families. As to the meaning of the Moravian Church is also the former Dedicated boarding school children often missionary activities in a variety of countries, spread to the custom of “Sternelns” all over the world.

To date, so the tradition has received to build the star on the first Sunday of advent in the family circle and ushering in the contemplative Christmas time. The original Moravian star is the oldest German Christmas star and was initially lit with rapeseed oil lamps. The first detectable star was built in 1821. The Christmas decorations symbolizes the star of Bethlehem from biblical history. Yvonne Kieschnick

Forum Utopia

“The big lever” Utopia loads Changemaker after Berlin a utopia shows the ten most interesting, most unusual, most beautiful and most important personal lever of his utopians in the video on this year’s Utopia Conference in Berlin. The ten winners of the video contest will be invited for the whole utopia community representative to Berlin. The winners are selected by an independent jury. Germany’s largest community for sustainable life style brings the utopia Conference every year the most important Changemaker”in the fields of economy, science, culture and media together and invites top speakers from around the world to inspire the audience with approaches and fresh ideas to the change. Vote now. Utopia is looking for people, companies, products and organizations that really make a difference. The utopia Awards Foundation each year in four categories of the utopia awards in the field of sustainability.

From the three finalists per category set by the jury, the audience can October 31 online be selected.…/ abtimmungpublikumspreis patron of Utopia Conference and the utopia Awards is the utopia Foundation, which is responsible for content and format of the event. Background information about the utopia Foundation and aim of the Foundation is to accelerate social change towards sustainability and the makers of social change to support, coach and guide. Key thought leaders from the scientific, public and company meet the Board of Trustees of the Foundation. In the Centre of the utopia Foundation is a simple guiding principle: we want us to behave in our world and it in such a way that all people can live well tomorrow and preserves the natural foundations of life. Since 2007, the first projects of the utopia Foundation are the annual award of the utopia awards as well as the implementation of Utopia Conference. The change-maker day is presented by entega, Vaillant, Otto Group, talk42 and time online. He also supported Neumarkter Lammsbrau, VW, luggage, Deutsche Bahn, Steigenberger Hotel Berlin and radial system in Berlin.

The media partner of the event are: nature + Cosmos, taz,, eco-world and Forum sustainable economies. Learn more information about the speakers, the program and the sale of tickets at:. Utopia is the events press tickets available.

The Lago Maggiore

Go on holiday to the Italian lakes, has among the Swiss and Germans have long tradition. No wonder, for example, from southern Germany you need only a few hours to northern Italy’s largest lake, Lake Maggiore. From spring to autumn there is the Lago Maggiore, a nice warm climate. If you drive the roads along the shore, you see palm trees everywhere – on Italy’s coast as well as on the Swiss side of the lake, part of the Ticino. Here one finds the famous and modern health resorts of Locarno and Ascona. This region is also the golf play very popular, there are several golf courses. The Italian part of Lake Maggiore is shared by two regions: Lombardy and Piedmont. The Italian coast is often the “lean coast,” but also “flourishing coastal mentioned. Here one finds the original one is trying to Italy in a holiday. Typical Italian villages with lovely churches and squares and Luino the famous Wednesday market runs through the whole center. LakeMaggiore offers plenty of attractions and is the ideal traveling with numerous flowers and plants and the other lakes like Lake Como (Lago di Como), Lake Orta (Lago d’Orta) and the Lake of Lugano (Lake Lugano) have an outing or a Holidays worth.


It often helps if you can keep a journal of headache in which you record the frequency of the headaches of head, severity, location and the type of pain experienced. This information will help you greatly in accurate diagnosis. If the headaches are severe or unusual in some way, your doctor can you recommend a number of other tests such as a CT scan, MRI or spinal tap navigation. Help for headaches from tension treatments more common for tension headaches are legal medication. These include medications such as aspirinas, ibuprofen and acetaminophen pain relief. While these medications can provide quick relief, it is important to remember that many of them have side effects, and abuse can lead to more headaches.

Natural remedies because of the effects of the rebound of many legal drugs, many people is now considering natural homeopathic and herbal remedies to provide relief to tension headache. A number of ingredients have been found to greatly relieve the pain and pressure of tension headaches, while successfully handling the underlying triggers. The homeopathic ingredients such as China are excellent to soothe headaches. In addition ingredients Kali phos and Chamomilla help soothe the headaches caused by physical and mental exhaustion. MAG phos is another useful ingredient that can be used to relieve the muscle tension that is a common cause of migraines. Original author and source of the article.


To be more comfortable in meetings. To be part of the group. To get drunk. Nir Barzilai, M.D. has plenty of information regarding this issue. People with a family history of alcoholism are more likely to start drinking before the age of 19 years and become an alcoholic. But anyone who starts drinking in adolescence is at increased risk. Early drinking also increases risk for drug abuse. It is important that young people think and analyze will give account that are growing in a world where alcohol is causing more serious damage.

Many young people are also Nene his life by effects of drinking alcohol wildly. On the street you can see many people whose lives have been ruined by his addiction to liquor. The problem is terrible. It affects much that alcohol, which can say that it is the worst drug, promotes both in social media and that both stimulate people to take liquor. Is also regrettable that the liquor is used on any occasion: when put the first stone of a building, when baptizing a child, when someone marries, and even when someone dies. Is known, that the consequences of alcohol could be serious: overdose, accidents and violence, medical problems, heart disease, increases the risk of cancer, mental and neurological disorders, infections, diabetes, malnutrition, psychological effects on children, etc.

If you drink, you should drink moderately. People who should not drink under any circumstances are those under the age of 21 years, who have dependency on alcohol or other medical problems, who are taking medications that interact with alcohol, and women who are pregnant. People should not drink before driving or engage in activities requiring skill and attention. The journal the nation of Argentina on this reality has made serious allegations in order to avoid that this evil will generate serious problems in argentina’s youth, in this regard indicate that at present, is very important the amount of boys aged between 16 and 22 years old, and most come with two problems: drugs and the alcohol.

Chicago Trust Corporation

v. Moreover, those who bought the Synthetic CDO by bank loans could buy cheap. The difference between these interests very cheap and high yields of Synthetic operation was extremely profitable. At this point and hoping that ye are not lost too much, I remember one thing that you may have forgotten, given the complexity of the operations, that everything is based on the ninjas pay their mortgages and the housing market U.S. will continue to rise. BUT: In early 2007, U.S. home prices plummeted. Many of the ninjas they realized they were paying for your home more of what is now worth and decided (or could not) continue to pay their mortgages.

Automatically, no one wanted to buy MBS, CDO, CDS, Synthetic CDOs and say that they had failed to sell. The entire assembly was sinking and one day, the Director of the Office of San Quirze a neighbor called to tell him that good, that money was gone, or, at best, had lost 60% of value. 8 Commentary: Go now to explain to the resident of San Quirze what the ninjas, the Bank of Illinois and the Chicago Trust Corporation. You can not be explained by several reasons: the most important, because nobody knows where that money. And when I say nobody, I mean NOBODY.

But things go further. Because no one-not-know the crap they have in banks that bought mortgage packages, and as anyone knows, the banks start to not trust each other. As they trust when they need money and go to the interbank market, where banks lend each other money, or not providing it or lend it expensive.

Prominent Superior Courts

Not obstante the supramentioned law, other legal devices had been appearing throughout the time for the protection of the consumer, the example of law 8884/1996, that it deals with the prevention and repression the infractions against the economic order; you would carry them 1998 n 4; n. 03/2001, 03/99 N. and N. 05/2002, deriving of the Secretariat of Economic laws, these fight the abusive clauses in bilateral contracts. The exposition of as many protective devices was not enough, the legislator did not leave of olvidar the normatizao of the right to the information for the consumer and, in this meantime, beyond sculptured in the article 6, interpolated proposition III and IV of the CDC, they glimpse it Law 10,962 of 11 of September of 2004 and Decree N. 5,903 of 20 of September of 2006.

It has of if to stand out that, beyond these devices, the jurisprudences and abridgements of the Prominent Superior Courts, also guide the consumerista right. THE RIGHT TO INFORM. The Right the information is concrete, objective. Although the constitutional rules deals with the right to inform, it also has the obligation of the right of if informing and the right of being informed. When if it deals with the right to inform the constitutional rules thus describes in the caption of art. 220. ' ' the manifestation of thought, the creation, the expression and the information, under any form, process or vehicle will not suffer to any restriction, observed the right of the made use one in this Constituio' '. More ahead in interpolated proposition IX of art. 5 you make use in verbis: ' ' the expression of the intellectual, artistic activity is free, scientifically or of communication independently of censorship or licena' '. In this direction, Fernanda Nunes Barbosa thus assevera: The recognition of the right the basic information as right of consumer elapses basically of the verification of that the consumer is before everything, person human being, and as such cannot be considered only in its economic sphere.