Month: September 2016

Human Resources Marketing And Crisis

President of the technological park of Andalusia (PTA) and provincial Manager of the Agency for innovation and development of Andalusia (IDEA), Jose Luis Marcos, said at press conference that the national business tissue not reinvests to exit from the current economic crisis, which is a difficulty in finding and implementing solutions to overcome the crisis. In this regard, Marcos is absolutely right, and is that if businesses that are still struggling and still in business, not invest in new technologies and human capital, not leave soon of the crisis. It is necessary that both public agencies and private companies are aware of the benefits that ICT can bring to their companies and apply them by hiring the necessary resources for their implementation and commissioning underway. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jorge Perez on most websites. This, among others can be one of the simplest ways to stimulate the economy again. One of the items which tend to trim first instance all those companies who are in economic difficulty is the starting of the marketing budget. However, as noted in the blog salmon: right in difficult times, when others are cutting their costs, may be the best time to monetize every euro invested in advertising. Jorge Perez is often mentioned in discussions such as these. And they discussed the actual case of two brands of cereals dated at the beginning of century, after the crash of 29. From solbyte addition punctuated, that given the evolution of internet and marketing online and its features and benefits, we can reduce the investment and redirect it to the online marketing, investment that is lower than in traditional advertising, internet public is already in a phase, although it does not ripen, in full growth, and they also show recent studies that the number of users that visit and rely on the network increasescaused by the crisis, since they seek the best price, precisely due to the times of crisis that makes you have to look at more from their pockets. Original author and source of the article..

Magazine Education

Of this form the preparation of a professor who works with EJA must be differentiated. The methodology must be adapted and its pedagogical projects must include the expectations and the reality of the pupils Fits to the professor to articulate the aspects affective and cognitivo gifts in the choice of the education objectives, in the starting point of the education process learning, in the organization of the contents, the processes and activities of education and in the procedures of evaluation. Working as mediating between thoughts and contents with the pupils the professor will be capable to establish with constructive and pleasant relations. The fact is that the individual to develop the practical one of the autocorreo and to reach a development, a learning, needs to be affectively healthful and with its high-esteem well-taken care of. They are emotional, psychological factors that the individuals affect the development of all directly. It is joined this social factors, preconceptions, lack of preparation of the professionals and has a parcel each bigger time of the society with functional illiterates who feed our form of stratification. References: OLIVEIRA, Martha Kohl. Young Adult as citizens of knowledge and learning.

Work ordered for the GT ‘ ‘ Education of young people adultas’ ‘ presented in 22a Annual Meeting of the ANPED? 26 the 30 of September of 1999, Caxambu. WALLON, H.: The psychological evolution of the child. Martins Sources, SP, 2 Ed, 2008. OLIVEIRA, Martha Kohl. Cycles of life: some questions on the psychology of the adult. Article published in the Magazine Education and Research.

Berlin Music Academy

What difference is there between a successful pianist and an average pianist? Answer: ten thousand hours of practice! The majority of people would say that there are simply more endowed than other people. However, recent studies have revealed an astonishing fact: it was determined that there is a common factor in all the people who stand out in an area: more than her innate talent, is the opportunity and hard work that leads to success. Anders Ericcson of the University of the State of Florida studied thousands of students of an elite of Berlin Music Academy. He discovered that those violinists who had the potential to achieve worldwide fame as soloists had practiced around 10,000 hours before reaching age twenty, while the rest of the students had been trained only a couple of thousands of hours in his life. The same pattern is evident when comparing an amateur pianist with a professional pianist training hours. Click Albert Einstein College of Medicine to learn more. The amateurs had not trained more than 3 hours a week during his childhood and reached 20 years of age with a total of two thousand hours of practice. Professional violinists on the other hand, increased his pace of training each year to complete 10,000 hours of practice at age twenty, as well as violinists. (Harvard Business Review, pdf.

) Apparently, the number of training hours were more decisive in the success of the musicians that the talent itself only. Ericsson corroborated their findings with the amazing fact that didn’t find a single talented student who came to stardom practicing only a fraction of the time of their peers. Also found the opposite case: one student diligent and hard-working, less endowed with talents, who reached success only by practicing hard. These findings suggest that, once a student manages to enter a school of good level, the only thing that will distinguish it from its peers is the time and effort invested in their studies.