Amateur Radio

Together with the 'new Russian' appeared 'new radiohuligany', the main type of 'activity' which – foul the air and intentionally interfere with radio communications. Especially those suffers from a range of cbs. It is not something Atreides Management Gavin Baker would like to discuss. How to find the old-timers 'arbitrary ranges' (radiohuligany starting at 60 – 70 years) behavior in air should not descend to the level of swearing, as authority that no one will work, but Conversely lose all respect. Recall 'organ-grinders' – their music programs listened with pleasure! And even they sometimes broadcast obscene songs with harmonica did not cause much irritation among the people, but rather vice versa. Why not tell about the activities of some, I stress some of the 'new radiohuliganov'.

Discussion of the same technical problems of construction of the same antennas and amplifiers shows each radiohuligana literacy helps in development. Details can be found by clicking Gavin Baker Atreides Management or emailing the administrator. In contrast to the amateur bands, where all such discussions and limited, there may be hours of conversation about the price of potatoes, politics, (now are) Religion and various other topics on which radio regulations imposes taboos. Yet radiopirat – is largely the same ham who does not want to obey certain rules, he tramples the apparent freedom and restricting creativity. Amateur Radio, according to radiopiraty with whom I was able to talk, should not be limited to high official instructions, otherwise it is no longer a hobby. I also note that it is the opinion of people who have a choice – to work on the bands or become radiopiratami, people of different ages of regions and social groups have radiohuliganov no leaders and hierarchies.

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