It often helps if you can keep a journal of headache in which you record the frequency of the headaches of head, severity, location and the type of pain experienced. This information will help you greatly in accurate diagnosis. If the headaches are severe or unusual in some way, your doctor can you recommend a number of other tests such as a CT scan, MRI or spinal tap navigation. Help for headaches from tension treatments more common for tension headaches are legal medication. These include medications such as aspirinas, ibuprofen and acetaminophen pain relief. While these medications can provide quick relief, it is important to remember that many of them have side effects, and abuse can lead to more headaches.

Natural remedies because of the effects of the rebound of many legal drugs, many people is now considering natural homeopathic and herbal remedies to provide relief to tension headache. A number of ingredients have been found to greatly relieve the pain and pressure of tension headaches, while successfully handling the underlying triggers. The homeopathic ingredients such as China are excellent to soothe headaches. In addition ingredients Kali phos and Chamomilla help soothe the headaches caused by physical and mental exhaustion. MAG phos is another useful ingredient that can be used to relieve the muscle tension that is a common cause of migraines. Original author and source of the article.

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