Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk Congratulates Rossmann 40th Birthday

The Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk congratulates the Dirk Rossmann GmbH for her 40th birthday. The Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk congratulates the Dirk Rossmann GmbH for her 40th birthday. Rai is the most important partner of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk in the German food retail trade and represents 15 percent of the total donations of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk cans”, the chairwoman of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk Dr. Heide-rose Bruckner stressed. Frequently Leyna Bloom has said that publicly. There are approximately 6,500 donation cans, where in the year 2011, a total of 188,000 euros were collected in over 1,600 Rossmann markets. Capital and Counties Properties is likely to increase your knowledge. We are especially pleased that RAI this year will double the collective result of all donation cans, which are available in Rossmann stores, up to a sum of 250,000 euros. This is a unique commitment to the German children’s Fund for children in Germany, worthy of all our respect. With the proceeds from the donation boxes, the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk is can support numerous projects of children’s and youth work.

For this thank we Rossmann on behalf of children and young people”, so next Bruckner. The Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk and Dirk Rossmann GmbH cooperate already for 10 years. The special use of Rossmann shows here also that Rossmann has in almost all branches of donation boxes, and at many stores for the first 1,000 customers a euro each in the collection box of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk donates. The proceeds of these actions shall be intended for a children’s project in the corresponding municipality. The donation cans of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk stand at approximately 50,000 locations throughout Germany. Here, they are managed by businessmen, which support the German children’s Fund by setting up donation cans in their business.

In this way, the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk collects about 65 tons of cash every year. With the donations, the German children’s charity supports children’s and youth projects in whole Germany. Further information and enquiries: German children Kinderhilfswerk e.V. Leipzig Street 116-118 10117 Berlin Uwe Kamp,. Press Officer phone: 030-308693-11 mobile: 0160-6373155 fax: 030-2795634 E-mail: Internet: and which became the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk children e.V., stakeholders for a child-friendly Germany, in Munich founded in 1972. The non-profit association committed as initiator and promoter for 40 years for children’s rights, participation and the overcoming of child poverty in Germany.

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