How To Achieve True Success

Successful people think depending on Idea, concept or legacy if thinks based on money or material things, you make a very common mistake, wanting to succeed. This method provides only 5 concepts so that you achieve anything you want to by large, difficult as it may seem, are points which we will develop; Approach, goals. Work. Time and perseverance: approach: define your approach attuned with his vocation with the thing that you like, there is no worse punishment to work on something that we do not like to do, so it is important to discover what their preferences, abilities and tastes, this is your vocation. Approach is the activity that produces better results, is the prelude to their goals, define its approach with a sentence short of 3 to 8 words, will be as your personal slogan, is a phrase that you helped to correct the course when you blur. When it is clear what is your approach, to develop its vision and mission. Vision: is what you want, what you want to convert or what you want to achieve, ask yourself how you would like to be in one, five or ten years. The mission: are the things that you are willing to do, their occupational knowledge, is their daily work to achieve their goals.

GOALS: Clearly define the goals that will take you to meet your approach, include three important aspects to succeed in its goals: 1.-economic goals, are the material things we want to achieve. 2. Physical goals: have a body healthy and strong, it is essential to enjoy the success. 3. Social goals, contribute and participate in activities that benefit society where you unfolds.

WORK: The only way to achieve what is proposed is at work. Love what you do, convert their work into a game seriously, with a positive attitude, is present in body and soul in his work, try to focus all their efforts in making 20% of important things that produce 80% of results. TIME: The time never recovers, one of most productive techniques to take advantage of the time, it is to do things right from the first time, It doesn’t matter that you take more, it will always be better to start again. When his work is done in less time and with the same quality you will be bringing your productivity to 100%. PERSEVERANCE: Is the key element for success. Doing things with discipline and perseverance, they become a system of continuous improvement. There follow work rules, complying with the rules daily to convert them into productive habits. Following these five points may obtain material wealth, however this is only half of the success. It is no good the material wealth if I could not enjoy it integrally. That have balance between the physical, mental, and spiritual, are bases for enjoying its material achievements. PHYSICIST: Cultivate a healthy and strong body with food, enough exercise to keep your body in shape. MENTAL: Feed your brain with information fresh and tuned with your preferences, will produce sufficient knowledge to achieve their purposes. SPIRITUAL: discover, feelings and values, are the key to your spiritual peace and human quality. When he manages to tune their material goods with their human quality, you will get true success, producing: health, wealth, leadership, legacy, etc. You can only so integrally enjoy his success. I wish you the greatest successes, health and time to enjoy in the company of their loved ones.

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