Immigrants In Centre

Complaints are heard throughout the streets of the capital of Spain. Immigrants who are stopped by the police to identify . If they have arrested and they are opening a file removal. Immigrant associations and NGOs described as a inadmissible evidence the persecution they are undergoing the immigrants, since they do not have papers does not mean losing the dignity and fundamental human rights. Edward Minskoff has plenty of information regarding this issue.

The news that the Madrid police had orders to arrest a number of immigrants each week caused a stir among politicians and created some alarm. Agents were ordered to arrest at least 35 people a without papers . However, some police officials have explained that quotas arrests are a new thing and that the identifications by the color of skin and way of speaking have been held in Madrid for 14 . Officials also contend that, knowing that there are people in irregular situations, identifying only people can find out whether or not the immigrants situation. Read additional details here: Dior Men. A TIME organizations or SOS Racism, however, already denounced this situation for few years. These measures are far from creating a sense of security among citizens and even in Lavatories, where there is a high rate of foreign population, there was a protest against police harassment of these people. The immigrant population has grown significantly in recent years in Spain. More than five million immigrants now live in this country.. Learn more at this site: Atreides Management Gavin Baker.

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