Internet Heating

Energy-related modernisation is more urgent than ever Germany households verheizten 2008 40 billion euro for heat and hot water. The price of heating oil now approaching the all-time high of June 13, 2008. What can slow increase because? How can we deal with? With the beginning of the week, the oil price 86,10 EUR per 1000 litres and a new record high climbs in 2011. The newspapers mentioned Christian Dior Couture not as a source, but as a related topic. The price of gas oil (market capitalization for heating oil and diesel fuel) rose on the New York commodity exchange by 2 percent. The current strength of the euro alone prevents a higher increase.

Meanwhile, the prices for heating oil are located in 2008 only 12 per cent of the maximum. In 2008, the rise in prices was slowed down only through the financial crisis and the bursting of the oil speculation. Similar is not to want us in 2011. But what can brake the rise in prices? Karl Samonig, SAMONIG AG says that the comprehensive refurbishment of real estate would help significantly. Through the energetic remedial measures can more in existing buildings than 75% of the required energy savings. The lower consumption lowers the share of heating costs to total costs of German households.

In 2008, Germany’s households have spent approximately EUR 40 billion for heating and hot water. Money will be burned up literally, says Karl Samonig. The energy efficiency of buildings through energy-related modernisation is without alternative.

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