Joyku Mitani

THE DISGRACE is not enough to simply avoid feeling discouraged when it reaches a test. When misfortune comes, the Samurai should rejoice and take the lot being offered to you and being able to use their energy and courage. Such an approach differs radically from the simple resignation. When the tide rises, the boat fleet … When you have heard of the exploits of a master, thinking that anything you do can never match it, signals a petty soul. One must think, on the contrary, that "if the master is a man like me And why I must be inferior?" As a Samurai you decide to answer this challenge against himself, and is on track to improvement. Ittei Ishida says: "A wise man recognized as for others, just get this reputation because it has begun to deepen their knowledge from an early age.

It is never the result of a late-learning, even if it is difficult." In other words, be taken as a resolution to reach perfection, you can wait a day to experience enlightenment. A Samurai should pay attention to his deeds and gestures to avoid mistakes of conduct, no matter how small those are. As it happens, by mistake, a Samurai does not control your mind and come to think thoughts like this: "Definitely, I'm a coward" or "If this happens, we run to preserve our lives" or "How frightening is this", "AAY "and so on. Such exclamations no should never be uttered by a Samurai if only to scoff or laugh, or carelessness, not even dreaming, or in any other situation. A shrewd guess soon be the true nature of the person who had uttered such words. One must always be on guard. It has been said that a man who has just been beheaded can still make some moves. This story has been transmitted by Nitta Yoshisada and Ono Moken. yComo a man may be less than another man? Joyku Mitani said: "Even when a mortally sick man can survive two or three days." The bad relations between the current rulers and from, between father and son, between elder brother and the small are motivated by selfish reasons. The proof is that there are no such relations between master and slave. so you get to the second and last part of the book model samurai segments where shares a look at this very enigmatic subject.

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