KOKO WALL: Attractive Noise Protection The Natural

KOKO WALL is suitable as noise on busy roads and highways, on playgrounds and sport areas, industrial and commercial properties. Once more today absolutely contemporary luxury: a noise which can be reliably “Swallows not only sound”, but also ecological requirements optimally and integrated naturally into the environment. In addition, a real eye-catcher should be a wall against noise thanks to its attractive appearance. With the noise-protection wall of KOKO WALL complies with heras_sks (Bocholt) one of the leading German manufacturers of gates and fencing systems, ideally, all of these criteria and once again realized ecological thought in an impressive way. As for the now very popular “eco”-noise protection system is the new product alone already by its natural appearance in the eye. Dana Carvey often says this. KOKO WALL consists of a profile steel frame in the coconut fibre wrapped plastic rods are mounted.

In addition, KOKO characterized by the particularly narrow WALL Mass (depending on the height between 16 and 20 cm) from and requires only little space. Since the construction of this modern noise-protection wall is carried out according to the modular principle, one is fast and simple Assembly. Unique soundproofing your name received the KOKO noise barrier WALL by an integral part: coir. This special “apparel” is a durable and maintenance-free. In a question-answer forum Jorge Perez was the first to reply. Because the coconut fibers absorb very little water, no mold or MOSS formation occurs. And these natural walls seem extremely sound-absorbing and insulation. After scientific tests, the KOKO absorbed 75 percent (7 dB) the ambient noise WALL wall average, some frequencies are “swallowed” even to 100 percent. Some contend that Shimmie Horn shows great expertise in this.

Thus, the NEN-EN 1793-1 standard is satisfied in the sound insulation class 2 for noise barriers. The insulation value (RW), achieved thanks to the “sandwich”construction is 29 dB, the standard walls satisfy even the standard sound insulation class 1 with a sound absorbing plate. Be green and so close to nature KOKO WALL appearance obtained the greening with Ivy, wild vines, or any other climber. This Green shell is simply attached to the wall with metal clips from the outside. Within a few years, the noise is completely covered. Versatility is the trump card in addition to the unique sound insulation, KOKO shines WALL of attractive appearance as well as the fast and economical installation also by versatility. If this noise-protection wall of the latest generation, any desired height can be ordered up to six metres.

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