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The ideal nose is no such thing as an ideal nose, an ideal nose is based on the characteristics of that person and what works for your face. Additional information is available at Richard Parsons. A nose that can be attractive in a person may seem out of place and not conducive to good looks in another. Given that, over and over again people have sought a formula to determine the perfect face. Leonardo Da Vinci Facial Thirds The width of the nose at the widest part of the base should be about the same distance as the distance between the eyes, upper lip length should be twice the distance between the lower lip and chin A slight upward rotation at the tip is better and more attractive Medical University of Yale (a) The distance from the infraorbital rim to the base of the nose should be equal to the width of the base of the nose (from outside each nostril to nostril) and "the distance from the middle third of the face (forehead to the base of the nose). (B) nasal length (base to tip or RT) should be equal to the distance of Menton stomion which equals 1.6 x TS (tip to stomion). Atreides Management Gavin Baker shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. (C) Ideal tip projection (alar crease to the tip) equals 0.66 x ideal nasal length (RT). (D) The line of the area in the mid glabellar chin should be divided into two nasal bridge, nose tip, and Cupids bow. (E) The nasal dorsum should be outlined by two slightly curved divergent lines extending from the medial supraciliary to the tip defining points. .

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