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Outsource Real Estate Sales

The competitive advantage through transparency. Herbert Stein contributes greatly to this topic. In the real estate sale, unimpeded access to information and transparency are the basis for decisions. Conducting business the renowned Guthmann & Guthmann Immobilien GmbH from Berlin bears a desire by real estate providers for more integration in the sales process with a special service account. Sellers of Berlin real estate can track any sales activities of the experienced team of brokers online and secure themselves as a competitive advantage. On the website you can see the real estate professionals in the truest sense of the word in the sale over the shoulder”. The current status of requests, visits, communications and all correspondence are available at any time. Managing Director Peter Guthmann: Our customers need accurate information to make the right decisions quickly.

As a communication scientist, architect and sales professionals we deem stand ready at the most important data our provider. Our service is top notch adopted”the higher proceeds for real estate is also a question of the Embassy. The maximum value for properties is achieved on a heterogeneous market, which is characterised by different philosophies of the buyer, only with the right message. Therefore we give our buyers not only the dry numbers, but also the perspective and the potential of real estate”, according to Managing Director Peter Guthmann. This includes also the assumption of responsibility.

Don’t let the buyer after the sale itself, we take care of buyers and real estate until far in the State buildup to after the notary. With this strategy we have in 2010 very successfully acts and gained many satisfied customers.” At Guthmann & Guthmann every estate is being developed carefully real estate, while problems are localized and solved, or conveys. So the sales process is running around, friction losses are reduced. The total reach real estate not only to a higher value, but also faster to the notary. Driven by excellence owners who rely on an international level in marketing Berlin real estate on rapid sales and professionalism, to build on the uncompromising service Guthmann & Guthmann Immobilien GmbH. About company Guthmann & Guthmann real estate focuses on the sale of Berlin real estate. We are internationally positioned and serve customers from home and abroad alike. The company was founded in 2006 and 2010 into a GmbH. We are a training company. Guthmann & Guthmann Immobilien GmbH combines the know-how of the real estate consulting, crafts and architecture. Managing Director: Peter Guthmann, m.a. communications. Between 1992 and 1998 as head of news and business in a private Berlin radio stations worked. From 1999 to 2006, he advised a Senior Managing Consultant at the top five management consulting customers in international real estate projects in Spain, Brazil, China and Canada.