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The ability to transmit the knowledge to people who listen to us, and this transfer should be as effective and for this we have specific programs that we facilitate the development of such layers, providing different nuances in style, size, color, movement, etc. without proper planning of the presentation that we make we can not fulfill the stated objectives. First, it is very important to plan the presentation that we will do, ie keep in mind what we want to address the issue and pinpoint the main idea we want to transmit, then point out the high ideas of the topic. It is very important to identify the type of audience that we’re going to run, because depending on that use different techniques of expression. Security in what we are saying is a determining factor as this shows the management that we have the issue. Before the presentation is recommended make an outline of what we will explain in a didactic way, which can be done using a technique called mind mapping, through which we can summarize in outline form the highlights of our discussion. One aspect that we can not neglect is the auditorium in which we will make the presentation which should be spacious, ventilated with adequate lighting, because you have to ensure that listeners are as comfortable as possible. Likewise, it is necessary to know the rules of where we will expose as many have computer service, coffee break, hostesses etc., It is important to keep in mind these details because they can save us valuable time.

According to experts in the field of oral presentations, if you use plates, they should not move from ten, and duration of exposure should take no more than 20 minutes, so in order not to tire the listeners, because if we clear the concepts we want to convey is an ideal time to do so. If the filing is extended a little longer, we can use the remaining time for the round of questions and answers. (Source: rusty holzer). The size of the letter which we wrote the plates should not exceed 30, because if the letter is too large, you can see the heavy work, and we must not forget that we must only put blades tips, ie points suggest the idea that we are discussing. You can use the special effects in the display, which attracts the attention of listeners and makes the presentation more dynamic. The last point is we should not ever do we make an exhibition and reading the contents of the plates, this in addition to being of rudeness towards the listeners showed a lack of knowledge of the subject by the exhibitor, as well can make the submission completed more quickly than expected, considering that after our discussion might come again, and times are often measured. Most importantly, prepare in advance, driving perfectly content and display a certain attitude at all times.