The Opportunities

Analyze competitors is key in understanding the market and our business. Find out everything you can, SMEs and freelancers who are your competition, sooner or later, react to their actions and strategies, therefore, have to know everything you can. 2.3 .- Analyze the conditions of your company: The same that has been discussed from our competitors is to analyze our own SME or business. Our resources, the overall strategy, the strengths and weaknesses, etc.. To be honest, (sometimes painfully honest) must be known to hide weaknesses and improve the competition as strong as possible and to exploit all that is made (including advertising campaigns) Step 3 .- Study of target market: It must best describe the market segment which focuses our SMEs, so that advertising campaigns are appropriate. Knowing customers, market size, factors demographic, geographic, etc. Remember that should think about adapting marketing actions in the image and likeness of customers and not vice versa. (Source: Shimmie Horn).

Customers never want to go where they check but follow them wherever they go and meet their needs, there is another more secret and given that, given the development of markets and fierce competition in all, the Customers are now more “infidels” than ever. Step 4 .- Problems and Opportunities: After analyzing the above opportunities and threats emerge for our SMEs, they should confirm in writing, as it should to address (if threatened) or explode (if opportunities). They must be real facts, not worth the chances are “a hunch” there must be reasonable grounds, because, for example, on the opportunities that are discovered must be one of inspiration (for example) for promotion and for overall marketing strategy.

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