ABC Congress

But at this point we have to say goodbye finally from this historic Congress predecessors, because what happened at that time virtually no role, is now of paramount importance: effectiveness and efficiency. On the Organization of congresses and meetings, specialized event agencies have not only concentrated expertise always held up-to-date and constantly fresh inspired creativity, but also contacts and strategic partners in the relevant industries such as Congress Center and exhibition companies, trade companies for Congress hotels, catering, passenger transport, tourism centres, show business, to name a few. So they can be an all around carefree package for its meeting or its their respective principal Congress with exclusive pre-and/or framework programme offer that offers comprehensive planning, detailed preparation and smooth – as well as by a compelling value for money. Motto for customer-oriented event agencies in: Conference and Congress organisation from one source from A contact (a project responsible agency specialist as a point of contact for the Congress Organizer is ideal) said to B such carriage or true stress-free transfer logistics and provision of documentation and Conference results. You may find Nir Barzilai, M.D. to be a useful source of information. C such as catering service to D as decoration or interpreting services including controllers, translator stations and corresponding audio output technology.

But the performance of the Congress and Conference organisation is thus of course by far not fully shown: perfect event agencies set up end up not with as invitations or K tailored concept for preparation, implementation and follow-up, not at L location selection and rental, and also not with M as rental furniture. R like high-quality programmes and T such as audio-visual equipment (Office, light, stage, sound system, table microphone stations, etc.) and participant registration and U like adequate accommodation of participants are part of here peeled small ABC around the topic of congresses and meetings, with whose help at this point the complexity of tasks can only roughly be outlined. Another pound, with the specialised agency professionals proliferate, is their distinctive flexibility: always event agencies exercise focusing Congress and Conference organisation same care, no matter whether it is out 1000 delegates and worldwide media attention to the realization of a regional conference event for 100 participants or an International Congress with several. Whether in the context of an overall concept to provide only a single module or a Congress with more expensive pre – and post-conventions-tour to realize is: calming for the Organizer to know that the competent professional service in the event of Agency for Congress organization always guarantees top quality from A to Z and down to the smallest detail..

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