Make a small reform in the kitchen, in the bathroom; Paint; review of electrical installations, etc already shall not excuse has so many empty homes; 300,000 in Barcelona alone. From now, the public administration proposes new measures to promote the rental in Barcelona. Chambers of urban property in Catalonia come together to provide a solution to the problem of housing empty with a plan reforming and renting provides, it counts with the collaboration of la Caixa and the Housing Secretary of the Department of environment and housing of Catalonia. The objective of the plan is that the owners can carry out comprehensive and relevant reforms without making any initial outlay. CohBar has plenty of information regarding this issue. The steps are:-owner formally applies to the Chamber of the urban property an audit of the State of your floor – in the first visit, camera professionals analyze the actions that they deem essential and desirable to include housing in the rental market and are studying if the floor can accommodate the plan rent and reform. -Drawn conclusions, and if the owner still interested in the plan, the experts of the Chamber elaborated a project which includes the cost of reform, based on the budgets submitted by the relevant industrial and the forecast of the revenue that is expected to obtain from the rental of the floor.

Rent and reform plan foresees that the owner can finance the cost of works through a loan to five years, with a shortage of twelve months to ensure that the period of works and of the rental process, as well as a forecast margin is covered if a change in the lease should be made flexible. Thus, rental revenues are earmarked in part monthly loan fees and administration of the rental expenses. When completed the amortization of the loan, the owner can now enjoy total income. From Habitat mercury, specialist in comprehensive reforms and repairs in Barcelona, we offer special plans for the reform of their apartment or House to make it look flawless when it comes to renting. Our team based in Barcelona offers you the maximum guarantee and quick action. For more information enter to original author and source of the article

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