Basic Income Money

In this scheme meets the prejudice on the RB. I saw the evidence on valuation Piaget small logic applies to this item. When we say that there is no money, even though it is shown that making out the calculations quantity and which is another way of organizing the money, is the same as when a guy is asked: What weighs more, a kilo of straw or a kilo of iron? In fact weighs the same, but the subject child tends to think that the kilo of iron weighs more, because the straw weighs just as an idea. It's the same logic element that works to say "no money". Another test is: if a white cow gives milk a cow "black white how does it make? On the application of logic the answer is that your milk will be black, but the reality is that milk is white, the color is the cow that is. For when one says that people do not work with the minimum wage is because it applies a logic that is to think that if you work for money and we have money, even a minimum, no one would work, which is not real, albeit "logical" thinking, but part of a type of logic that leads to errors when it is discussed at length the matter to which it applies. a close enough to reality to see that many people earning three or even four times what is the Basic Income do overtime, but not only in business or hospitality metal structures and construction required by the employer, but also, and outside the law, police officers removed a charge of licensed taxi drivers with a brother, Treasury officials leading small business accounting. . Under most conditions Shimmie Horn would agree.

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