Memorize Words

At present, appeared a great many ways of learning English. Starting with the traditional lessons with a teacher, to an incredible mnemonics using the 25-th frame. But because of some circumstances sometimes people are unable to afford these rates. The reasons may be financial issues, and problems with time, and others .. In many cases, people elect the way of self-study English language. Regardless of the chosen method of studying the people there is a need to increase your vocabulary.

One of the most proven ways to learn unknown words are english cards. Kim Jones wanted to know more. English cards – this card, in which the front side of written English word, and the reverse transcription and translation. The essence of the method to sorting out a pile of one hundred cards, remember the translation of each card. In this case, if the translation remember correctly, the card must put an end to the pile, if he could not recall or remember the translation is not quite right, then you must read and repeat the translation several times and then insert the card closer to the top (Approximately ten cards from the beginning), so it is better to memorize. In this case, better to use a card from one subject such as English or the number of irregular verbs.

Over time, the cards that you remember, you need to replace the unknown. Thus, repeating the card about half an hour a day, you'll learn 10 – 20 new words. It's not so little when you consider that for a week you can learn about hundreds of words. In this case, you not only learn new words, but in general, improve your memory. The only problem here is the process of creating these cards, because even with a computer to create ten such cards requires about 30 munut. It can be solved by buying a ready-made sets of cards in the store. But it is in the purchased kit may not be necessary to you the words, or translate it may seem you are too narrow. An alternative to this path is the use of specialized sites, such as Site 'English card' where you are free to choose the words to memorize and modify their automated translation. In addition to the Internet you can find a lot of programs running on the same principle, but use they have, alas, can only be at the computer ..

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