Steel structures are widely used in modern construction. In many ways, they take one of the first places among other materials: low weight, compared with reinforced concrete, mass production, assembly not hard, fast assembly, durability and portability and ease of disassembly. OOO "Corfe EP" is looking for co-developers and other organizations. You have the ability to acquire and mount any steel beams, columns, hangars, warehouses, storage, versatile multi-purpose metal buildings and much more. Our company as ten years ago, firmly holding the top five the best Russian companies involved in construction and erection of steel structures. Other information about the company, "Corfe VP" can be found in our website "About Us". Any customer can count on personalized service. Our staff will perform the design of hangars, warehouses and other large buildings for manufacturing, taking into account the wishes of the client, rules and regulations.

On the set of versions and stages of design Metal read the section "Design of metal." OOO "Corfe EP" will be able to perform all work on the construction of metal structures of any complexity. Our specialists are able to do everything design to final installation in the shortest time. Turnkey Construction – a good decision because by ordering all kinds of work in one organization, you can save time, money and effort to search for other companies. Are you interested in value, you will find the full cost of design bought from us in the "Prices of steel," and this will help managers partition sales position where you can find by clicking on the "Contact Us". Keep in mind that metal can not be cheap. They may be available that offers our organization.

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