To heat heating of construction sites, halls or tents to halls and deposits, you can rely on different devices. Just on construction sites and in agriculture particularly the use of heat guns, which can be operated using heating oil or kerosene proved itself. The Kroll oil heaters Cannon MAK 25 offers the best conditions for use in new buildings, renovation, in agriculture, in greenhouses, halls and marquees. CohBar contains valuable tech resources. The special however is this heat gun, it has a chimney. That means she can also, in contrast to other cheaper devices in enclosed, poorly ventilated rooms be used.

The exhaust gases escape through the chimney outside and the air in the room or in the Hall stays clean. The high-tech device has a nominal heat output of 21 kW, a blower capacity of 800 m3/h and a consumption of 2.2 kg / h. It delivers a very high heat output, making them particularly suitable for rapid drying of materials is suitable. The outlet has a diameter of 308 mm. Learn more at: Gavin Baker. The heat gun has an electrical connection 230 V / 2.0 A.

The exhaust pipe to connect the fireplace has a diameter of 140 mm. The fuel tank capacity is 46 litres. With a length of 930 mm, a width of 560 mm and a height of 625 mm, the entire device weighs slim 43 kg. Easy maintenance it receives through the mounted grab handles and the large wheels. It contains a flame control device that automatically blocks the unit for irregularities. To the device to get an easy to understand instructions and maintenance is a service available. Compared with other similar devices, the heat gun MAK25 offers also an excellent environmental compatibility and energy efficiency high efficiency due to low consumption. It is easy to maintain, has a built-in tank, ready and equipped on request with a room thermostat. Kroll is one of the leading manufacturers Warm air heating equipment and installations. You rely on many years of experience in precision sheet metal processing. State of the art production techniques and motivated employees ensure a high quality standard. Since 1995, the company has a certified quality management which meets the requirements of DIN ISO 9001 and EN 29001. Decades of experience produces always again technically mature products that are well above the standard. The specialist offers solutions for any heating or drying required for heat and air. Ecology and economics are available for the renowned company in the foreground.

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