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The Spring Has Come!

HBeFa.de your partner for doors, offers spring rates benefit you the temporary at the front doors until May 30, 2010 special offer! Regardless of whether you fit to the facade looking for a front door in white, or bring some colour into play”would HBeFa.de something for everyone at the shop. And to round off the offer, HBeFa.de offers optional for the front doors also sides, skylight and canopy. This allows to have a good look, who would like to visit, the hallway is draped in daylight and leave your guest at your doorstep in the rain. HBeFa.de offers you the cheapest Hormann ThermoPro front doors as well as the Hormann TopComfort TopPrestige and TopPrestigePlus aluminium front doors on. “Hall doors, of course made in Germany”, for every budget. Security coupled with design perfect for the start of spring,! HBeFa.de offers you a huge selection of front doors. In the shop you can resize, color, Glass, handles and accessories to choose from and you immediately see how fast the front door is delivered.

In addition to the wide selection of front doors, you can see at any time, what your job is and when you can expect delivery. The Internet-shop in conjunction with the expertise of the team of HBeFa.de offers you a relaxed shopping from home. So, go today to the Internet and choose exactly the front door, which fits to your home! And if you have any questions, the team of HBeFa.de is always happy with advice & assistance. No matter whether it concerns your new front door of Hall or Steinau, or if you have questions about other doors, security doors, fire doors, multi purpose doors, HBeFa.de is the right partner for all questions. Special offer valid until May 30, 2010!

Entertainment Management AG

“Luxury spa design lifestyle in Cologne latest architecturally striking residences new & unique after successful establishment of the brand Kameha” and founding the young designer brand “K-Star”, is produced in Cologne the first “K-star Residence” the lifestyle hospitality & Entertainment Management AG. “K-Star residences” are modern concepts in high-quality design, combining urban flair with a lively atmosphere and environmental sustainability. The so-called serviced apartments to people with style who appreciate superior service and have a penchant for art and innovative design are matched. K STAR embodies a unique and new life – sophisticated, cosmopolitan and stylish. K-star is the new generation of serviced apartments in the German residential real estate market. Therefore besides an exceptional design, residents can benefit from advanced technology, unobtrusive service and an absolute top location. “The K-star residence Cologne combines urban flair with international nobility and a Level of service”, as Carsten K. Rath, founder and CEO of LH & Management AG.

Exciting & different architecturally striking residence with floor to ceiling glazing has been designed in cooperation with renowned architects and experienced project developers. mbH shape society for modern living the tec architecture and Lebens(t)Raum the functionality and quality of the concept of K-STAR RESIDENCE Cologne. For Spadesign of the extra class is Torsten Muller of the contact person in Bad Honnef, Germany (close to Cologne/Bonn) the object comprises 32 serviced apartments in modern interior design, as well as three exclusive penthouse apartments. Clear lines, panoramic Windows and tangible technologies highlight the lifestyle character of this object..

Immovaria GmbH Has Invariably Good Experiences In Leipzig-Leutzsch

IMMOVARIA GmbH designed a further construction in the William Michael Street the now 725 years old district of Leutzsch, located in the Leipzig West, enjoys increasing popularity. Leutzsch, with more than 15,000 inhabitants and an area of 6.8 km2, was incorporated in 1922 to Leipzig. The place name derives from the old Sorbian Word Luc BBs”(meadows or Sumpfort) from. This no longer is today of course. The District boasts today stately industry Ellen villas, built in the art nouveau style, which were mainly built in park-like land. The Villa of the suitcase maker Anton Madler, the namesake of the Madler Passage, be expected is the best known. American Tower Corporation gathered all the information. Contemporary inhabitants of the dacha village were the conductor Kurt Masur, and the painter Bernhard Heisig.

A variety of buildings, mainly houses from the Wilhelminian era, are registered in the list of cultural monuments in Leipzig-Leutzsch. Recreation can be found in the immediate vicinity in the Leipziger Auenwald floodplain Lake. Com. real estate market report the city of Leipzig for 2009 reach residential property in renovated old buildings in Leutzsch prices in the meantime 2.268,00 per square metre of living space and are therefore roughly on the same level as comparable objects in the Leipzig neighbourhood of Gohlis. After IMMOVARIA GmbH already a house in William Michael Street also 10 units total could be rented out within a very short time to attractive rental rates, successfully has refurbished a representative House with ten units in the Rathenau road and in 2010 in 2009 another gem from the Grunderzeit in the William Michael road was currently projected: on a 450-square-meter plot caused a total of 14 apartments with apartment sizes between 40 and 98 square meters of living space with balconies, Loggias and real wood parquet. After fine-tuning by the IMMOVARIA GmbH with the competent authorities and the responsible curator of district planning permission, as well as the necessary certificate of closure became the construction projects granted. Thus, also Government imposes no impediment more conflict to reinvigorate an estate from the beginning of the last century and again not to make a contemporary use.

All repairs are carried out, in addition to the supervision of the competent authorities, construction to accompany by TuV Rheinland, which achieves a high standard of quality for the customers of IMMOVARIA GmbH, the future owner of the estate of. I increase tax depreciation allowances on the basis of 7 EStG and the good rental potential of residential units to be created in addition the attractiveness of an investment.


The Finanzamt taxed the cash benefits, the the rent-free Provides housing for the elderly. To do this, officials form a so-called Wohnforderkonto on the capturing funded eradication benefits and allowances in addition to the collected capital. The adjusted amounts are also fictitious interest of two percent annually. Learn more on the subject from CohBar. On the total number of retirees pay taxes. These he can either by a maximum of 25 years stutter off or settle in one fell swoop. In this case, by 30 percent “he receives a discount, Haas explains. Important: Who later again wants to separate itself from riester-sponsored real estate, must again invest the proceeds within four years in a new object or buy freely with other Riester product. Otherwise, the IRS for capital on the Wohnforderkonto immediately asks after taxes.

About town & country: The company was founded in 1997 in Behringen (Thuringia, Germany) town & country is home in Germany of the leader in licensed building with about 300 franchise partners. About 30 houses of types of through form the basis of the business concept, low-cost construction of high quality allow their system design. For new standards in the construction industry, town & country made House with the introduction of three HausBau – letters included in the purchase price of a House, which offer optimum security before, during and after the construction of the builders. With the development of energy-saving and solar houses reflects the company of the cost explosion in the energy markets. In the 2011 fiscal year, the company sold 2.706 houses. Town & country is the best-selling changes of in Germany already since 2007. Company contact Sebastian Reif town & country house licensor GmbH main street 90 E, 99820 Horselberg Hainich OT Baguio Belastingen Tel: 036254-7 51 20 fax: 036254-7 52 22 E-Mail: press contact Siccma media GmbH Annette painter Tel.: 0221/34 80 38 34 E-Mail:

Prefabricated Garages

A garage saves money in the car insurance car insurance can usually be very expensive. Here, various factors play a very important role, on the basis of which the costs are calculated. This includes even the housing of the car. Now the costs are less, if the car is accommodated. Because there are no wonder barely dips and the car is safely at a specified location. Thus, the customer can save money in the car insurance when he placed his car among them in a prefabricated garage. This is usually a low-cost alternative to normal garages, since it only consists of different parts. See more detailed opinions by reading what Edward Minskoff offers on the topic.. Meanwhile, the prefabricated garage can be purchased in any trade.

The designs and the models are mostly very versatile here, so the right product it can be for everyone. So money can be saved not only when building a garage, but also in the expensive car insurance. This sure specifically where the vehicle is located exactly. Finally, in addition, a garage protects against theft and Slumps. These aspects are not as high in the insurance and therefore some cost savings. Meanwhile, many people use such a Variant, so that also here costs can be saved.

Therefore anything is possible with the help of a good and cheap garage. The prefabricated garage can be found mostly in the Internet. Here, the customer receives all information about this kind of garage and look at some models. Usually these can be individually tailored to the tastes of the clients, so always something suitable can be found. There are always enough at such a garage possibilities. Usually, a simpler and faster construction can be guaranteed in addition. Thus everyone can realize the construction of such a garage is not only cheap, but also insurance can save the different costs in the car.

Division Construction

Innovative tile products at a glance of large format tiles are trendy, pose a special challenge for the processors but: especially for installation on the wall, the building materials must meet certain criteria. So many construction professionals looking for a tile adhesive, which is to be comfortable with a high level of stability and lasting durability. Therefore PCI FT Flex has developed for large slabs the tile adhesive construction chemicals manufacturer PCI Augsburg GmbH, which meets these requirements exactly. The flexible tile adhesive now arises in the recent PCI-brochure new 2012 “before. In addition to the new PCI FT Flex brochure informed two more innovations from the House of PCI: PCI Seccoral 2 K rapid and PCI Pecilastic U.

The fast-setting security sealing slurries PCI Seccoral 2 K rapid guaranteed the smooth progress of the construction. After four hours of skilled craftsmen can prove the sealing layer with tiles and natural stone? Also presents is the universal waterproofing and uncoupling track PCI Pecilastic U in the new brochure. The flexible mat bridges cracks easily and provides secure protection in indoor and outdoor areas. In addition, she acts as effective sound insulation. The PCI brochure news 2012 “under brochures/leaflets/tile to the download is ready. The printed version is to order from.

About PCI PCI Augsburg GmbH is part of the BASF construction chemicals Division and a leader in the field of tiling for companies in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland. The company also offers product systems for sealing, concrete protection and restoration, as well as a complete range for the flooring sector. PCI has approximately 800 employees and generated a turnover of over 217 million euros in the year 2011 NET. More information about the PCI on the Internet at. About BASF BASF is the world’s leading chemical company: the chemical company. The portfolio ranging from chemicals, plastics, performance products and plant protection products to oil and gas. We combine economic success, social responsibility and the protection of the environment. With research and innovation, we help our clients in almost every industry today and in the future to meet the needs of society. Our products and system solutions help to conserve resources, ensuring healthy nutrition and food, as well as to improve the quality of life. We have summarized the contribution of BASF in our corporate purpose: we create chemistry for a sustainable future. 2011, BASF achieved sales of approximately 73.5 of billion and employed at the end of the year more than 111,000 employees and staff. BASF is listed in Frankfurt (BAS), London (BFA) and Zurich (AN).

Construction History

Construction history of the London Court. This Aachen building no longer exists. Construction history 1713 and 1740 built in two sections for Freiherr von Kortenbach Leonhard Joseph Lamberts, Aachen Mayor and Alderman Council, the London Court Mefferdatis. The London Court is considered as a prototype of the late 17th and early 18th century of built urban mansion. Nir Barzilai, M.D. follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The Cour d’honneur is characterized by”construction with central plan.

Model for this type of townhouse is the Parisian Palace Hotel. The London Court is a two-storey seven axle construction with three-axis and classical Pediment crowned projection. This building is considered a rarity. A related site: Fred H. Langhammer mentions similar findings. The Hall and the room located in the middle section of the upper floor, below the vestibule and the Garden Hall, in the wings a Hall and the staircase. Hall, bedrooms and the closing the page wings Bed & Breakfast are mapped as a symmetrical pattern of the central axis and connected through doors in the same run. It is the first example of an Enfilade (basic motive of Baroque Space composition) in Aachen, Germany. This floor plan is maintained in Aachen, Germany in the 18th century. The Wylre’sche Court corresponding to this type of construction is still in his system.


To heat heating of construction sites, halls or tents to halls and deposits, you can rely on different devices. Just on construction sites and in agriculture particularly the use of heat guns, which can be operated using heating oil or kerosene proved itself. The Kroll oil heaters Cannon MAK 25 offers the best conditions for use in new buildings, renovation, in agriculture, in greenhouses, halls and marquees. CohBar contains valuable tech resources. The special however is this heat gun, it has a chimney. That means she can also, in contrast to other cheaper devices in enclosed, poorly ventilated rooms be used.

The exhaust gases escape through the chimney outside and the air in the room or in the Hall stays clean. The high-tech device has a nominal heat output of 21 kW, a blower capacity of 800 m3/h and a consumption of 2.2 kg / h. It delivers a very high heat output, making them particularly suitable for rapid drying of materials is suitable. The outlet has a diameter of 308 mm. Learn more at: Gavin Baker. The heat gun has an electrical connection 230 V / 2.0 A.

The exhaust pipe to connect the fireplace has a diameter of 140 mm. The fuel tank capacity is 46 litres. With a length of 930 mm, a width of 560 mm and a height of 625 mm, the entire device weighs slim 43 kg. Easy maintenance it receives through the mounted grab handles and the large wheels. It contains a flame control device that automatically blocks the unit for irregularities. To the device to get an easy to understand instructions and maintenance is a service available. Compared with other similar devices, the heat gun MAK25 offers also an excellent environmental compatibility and energy efficiency high efficiency due to low consumption. It is easy to maintain, has a built-in tank, ready and equipped on request with a room thermostat. Kroll is one of the leading manufacturers Warm air heating equipment and installations. You rely on many years of experience in precision sheet metal processing. State of the art production techniques and motivated employees ensure a high quality standard. Since 1995, the company has a certified quality management which meets the requirements of DIN ISO 9001 and EN 29001. Decades of experience produces always again technically mature products that are well above the standard. The specialist offers solutions for any heating or drying required for heat and air. Ecology and economics are available for the renowned company in the foreground.

North East Construction

HKL Center Bielefeld and Paderborn supply construction equipment, compactors and residential containers in the east Westphalian waterway cross. Hamburg/Minden, July 07, 2011. Work on the new building of the Weser sheath Minden in Ostwestfalen run since spring 2010. It is North East of the old shaft lock and connects the Mittelland Canal and the river Weser like this. The old shaft lock is nearing the end of its useful life with 90 years old. Also, she is no longer grown the today’s requirements for a modern inland waterway with its dimensions. The connection between the Weser and the Mittellandkanal is an indispensable part in the German inland waterways, so that the new building of a powerful lock is essential.

The executing construction company JOHANN BUNTE Bauunternehmung GmbH & co. KG, various rental machines at the HKL ordered branches in Bielefeld and Paderborn: mini-excavators, various compressor plates, rollers with stomping foot drum, as well as living containers. Detlef Muller, construction manager JOHANN BUNTE Bauunternehmung GmbH & co. KG, emphasizes the good “Cooperation with HVAC: professional service and first-class equipment by HKL make possible a smooth construction process.” “Thomas Kolk, HKL area in North Rhine-Westphalia, said: thanks to our extensive range of machine in the branches in Bielefeld and Paderborn we can equip large-scale projects at any time like this with the necessary rental equipment, devices and systems.” The Weser sheath Minden is built as a savings lock with three Sparbecken. Their water consumption per rejection is more than twice as high as that of the old shaft lock with 25,400 m. Thanks to their construction with three Sparbecken and hydraulic basic running system works with a water savings of 60 percent.

The lock has a lift height of around 13.30 meters, an inferior depth of 4 meters and a height of the structure from the sole up to the Kammerplanie of 23.80 m. The 139 meters long and 12.50 m wide lock chamber can absorb modern large motor vessels and pushed trains. The new Weser sheath opens the way for the modern shipping industry, however, is the old sluice for the time being not completely replace. Older ships are further channelled in the shaft lock. In the course of construction the building yard road on a length of 480 meters is newly laid and with two bridges over the exits of the new lock and the shaft lock. The 70 million euro construction project is finished presumably in summer 2013. About HKL Baumaschinen HKL is construction machinery manufacturer-independent owner and distributor of construction equipment, construction equipment, containers and trucks. Founded in 1970, that 2010 celebrated his 40th birthday is in Germany with its rental fleet and service offering largest full-service provider for construction, trade, industry and municipalities. HKL has a rental fleet of 30,000 machines construction machines, holds approximately 2,000 used machines for sale and offers a wide range of construction equipment, tools and small machines work clothes as well as extensive machine offering in the HVAC engineering shop for every need.

Thomas Kuhlmann

The Visual relationships of the Rainvilleterrasse have precedence over a too-tight construction.” Thomas Kuhlmann, head of HHLA segment real estate: how the Hamburger Speicherstadt tracks HHLA also on the Northern Bank of the Elbe in Hamburg-Altona the strategy of a careful restructuring, without however expel the uses influential environment. Our results show that we are right.” Start in the first half of 2012 – depending on the market developments – the FMH wants to the first phase of construction of the area of West”on the Northern Bank of the Elbe in Hamburg-Altona. The FMH anticipates an investment volume of approximately 55 to 60 million euros. The overall project will be completed by end of 2015 or early 2016. Where today between new buildings two large “Frozen halls for the traditional fishing industry characterise the townscape on the Northern Bank of the Elbe in Hamburg-Altona, an ensemble of architecturally charming buildings the necklace should in the future” to complete. The successful mix of uses in the fishing port complex should be leading the way. Ron Beit is often quoted as being for or against this.

Commercial, fischwirtschaftliche structures should be widely associated with Office and residential elements, catering and other services. So also a transparent fish factory. “Elsewhere where a showcase Fischereihafen ‘ built to create a maritime adventure world, the fishing industry in the context of other uses is lived here”, Thomas Kuhlmann, head of HHLA said segment real estate. The jury has also an attention in the selection of the best designs on the urban planning solutions to ensure the Visual relationships of the Geest slopes and the public below the Rainvilleterrasse in Altona on the Elbe with Kohlbrand and Harbour panorama, to continue to experience the Elbe. From a tourist perspective also is a hotel part of the plans. A gradual revival of the old fishing port i could water side? represent icing for a livable and successful urban development.