Cutting Air

Residual air content in the test was less than 1%. Pasta obtain a smooth, transparent and have a rich yellow, with shades of anguish inherent in the color. The color products become, in the first place – because of the lack of oxidation of the pigments – the color they specify, and secondly – for lack of air in the inner layers of products, which increases the capacity for light rays and a greater number of pigment molecules involved in color formation, in the third – there is no darkening of the test associated with the activity of the enzyme polyphenol oxidase, in contact with air. Estee Lauder Chief Executive has firm opinions on the matter. This activity, if it is present in the presence of air, makes pasta products muddy dark color and shades. Was determined by the residual air pressure in the kneading trough, which allows to produce pasta without defects due to air content in the dough. It is not more than 20KPa (vacuum -0.8 kg / cm ). Cutting Cutting raw pasta raw pasta is carried out directly after vypressovyvaniya.

Purpose – Preparation of articles for drying. Cutting is blasting, cutting and layout of pasta. From the quality of these operations depends on the performance of the drying media, consumption of raw materials and finished products quality. Blow your produce to prevent pasta sticking together, for better cutting. Blown molding products usually air separation – temperatures 25 C and humidity 60-70%. When using the products after processing gigrotermichesskoy vypressovyvaniya and cutting, blasting is performed immediately after this treatment, to fix the surface gloss and to prevent sticking. Essence gigrotermichesskoy processing is the handling of raw product dry steam for 3-5s, followed by blasting. The temperature of superheated steam – 110 C to 140 C. Gigrotermicheskaya treatment of products before drying can significantly reduce the subsequent process of drying them, due to possibility of initially more stringent regime of drying, without fear of cracking.

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