Czech Republic

If a foreigner has obtained a visa to any country of the European Union and entered, for example, in Germany, France or Spain, it does not limit its opportunities in the design of real estate transactions in the Czech Republic. The more so when you make a permanent location in the Czech mortgage and real estate in the Czech Republic is not required, it is possible to under a general power of attorney execute a transaction via an intermediary law firm or real estate agency. The standard version of the alien to arrive for the first time to inspect the proposed sites real estate and a second time to sign the contract of mortgage lending. Official site: Nir Barzilai, M.D.. Mortgage in the Czech real issue without the presence of a foreign citizen, it is through the negotiation and selection of apartments or houses, then power of attorney for registration of property transactions and registration of mortgages in the Czech Republic. At the time of registration of the whole procedure from start selecting the desired property and to reissue it to the new owner in Cadastre Real Estate Czech Republic all actions, documents, registration of bank accounts, money transfers are agreed with the buyer, and reporting to the buyer is by sending copies of all documents e-mail, and the original documents if necessary, express mail dhl. In terms specified in the agency agreement of real estate and mortgages in the Czech Republic, a company that provides mediation services is legally and financially liable to the purchaser of real estate and guarantees a transaction from the beginning of the procedure and to obtain registration documents.

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