Relocating To Austin, Texas – A Great Decision

At somepoint or another, most of us relocate. Whether we are relocating for a better job, a better climate, betterschools or a change of pace, there are few places as wonderful to do so asAustin, Texas.   Austin is less than 200miles from 3 of the 10 largest U.S. cities and has slightly over half a millionpeople.  It boasts sunshine, on average,300 days a year and rarely experiences snow!

and other real estate options abound these days, as people seek a morenurturing, slower paced place to live for themselves and their families.  Austin offers beautiful mountains, lakes andscenery with over 15,000 acres of wilderness and park land. There are more than175 parks in the Austin area, and many real estate locations, such as BartonPlace, are surrounded by lush, scenic views.

Whilenaturally beautiful and enticing, Austin also offers many vibrant activities andassets.  It has a thriving university, over100 music venues throughout the city, and the political center for the entirestate.  With much lower costs than placeslike New York and California, people are finding economic reasons to move Southas well.  Forbes has rated Austin as oneof the “Best Places for Business and Careers” while Money magazine ranked it asone of the “Best Places to Live.”  Whatcan top that?

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