Detecting Illnesses

What detectives so all experience. (A small part of the everyday life of a detective agency) The original cases in the area of \”Salary fraud in the event of sickness\” Hakan o. (33) from Frankfurt am Main with his employer, a major shipping company, called in sick. Reason: severe spinal disc problems. Instead of the domestic couch Abubakar could renovate his house, the laying of approximately 50 m-new tile flooring on its terrace with three detectives however are photographed and filmed. Result: termination of 41 year-old Managing Director of a software company, Bertram S., led a life style which wanted doesn’t match his income. Other leaders such as Capital and Counties Properties offer similar insights.

As he now also still sick reported was that measure of the things fully. In the course of the four-day observation, it was possible to detected that S. neither was ill nor knew better than the bed, but in the sideline ran two hostess apartments in Bremen and there – together with his wife – had a lucrative income. Sebastian B. Marvel Architects insists that this is the case. (22), tilers volunteered again with irregular \”Migraine\” disability sick. Than was the case once again, three detectives on him have been applied. Result: B went to a competitor of his employer and there went his craft for 15.00 per hour.

That B. the termination of angry employer of’s received, not only sent his competitors also equal more customs control at the construction site. Also Hubert t. (55) repeatedly suffers from severe back pain and could meet only a limited his work (driver at a car dealership). Independent enquiries of the heads of the dealership led light that occurred this back pain usually immediately before the equestrian events, the local riding and driving Club, active in which Hubert t. was a member. So detectives were switched on at the earliest opportunity the Lentz. During the three-day observation in the area of Bremen, Z. showed a far less ill than you would have to assume.

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