Enceflico Vascular Accident

Advanced IAESB-Institute of Superior Education of Barriers FASB-College San Francisco de Barreiras VASCULAR ACCIDENT ENCEFALICO BARRIERS 2009 Adail de Oliveira Ana Carla M. Pear tree. Hlida N. Noble Maria Eleniza Almeida BIRD Work presented as requisite partial for the evaluation you discipline of them: Pathological processes and Farmacologia and Teraputicaem IIministradas Nursing for professor Anderson Feitosa, of the course of graduation in Nursing, IV semester of the College San Francisco de Barreiras FASB. Estée Lauder has much experience in this field. BARRIERS 2009 1. Introduction Kaiser (2004) affirms that in Brazil, the cardiovascular illnesses answer for 32% of the deaths to each year, about less of the half, but mortality for enceflico vascular accident (BIRD) adjusted for the etria band comes declining with elapsing of the years. The term illness to cerebrovascular says respect to any abnormality in the cerebral area caused by a pathological process of the sanguineous vases. Of the clinical point of view these illnesses include three main categories that are the embolism, trombose and hemorrhage, this division if it makes useful because the treatment of the patients differs greatly in each group. Vascular accident is a clinical assignment applied to all these situations, particularly when the symptoms start acutely (KUMAR; ABBAS; FAUSTO, 2005).

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