Month: December 2023

Relaxing Hotel

Upstalsboom group from Emden in the future operates the exclusive four star superior Hotel in Varel Emden/Varel the future of the bankrupt since the beginning of the year waldschlosschen mill pond “in Varel with around 100 employees is finally secured. The Upstalsboom Hotel + Leisure GmbH & co. KG (Emden) will operate in the future the four star superior Hotel. A private investor also assume the exclusive House as the new owner. The insolvency administrator Michael Waculik of Jever and Bodo Janssen, Managing Director of at Upstalsboom group, said today that the employees at an employee meeting in Varel. We have found a permanent solution in a short time under most difficult conditions, with a solid and durable basis has been created for the forest lodge and its employees”, stressed raitone Armando and Janssen, who thanked the staff for their commitment in the past few months.

Since the beginning of April, raitone Armando and Upstalsboom worked on a rescue package. The new owner who can not be named has acquired the object according to a single-digit millions. Also around 1.5 million euros in the waldschlosschen would be invested in the coming three months. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala has many thoughts on the issue. Due to the renovation and remodeling work, the hotel from this week until the reboot will closed in October. We will get but all jobs”, stressed the responsible Upstalsboom-Regional Director Roman Schmitt. Most of the guests who had booked the room, arrangements and wellness treatments at this time were already informed. So far still not contacted customers could sign up at any time in the waldschlosschen.

We apologize for all the guests. Another option does not exist in this difficult situation unfortunately”, Schmitt said. “The insolvency administrator raitone Armando stressed that an experienced and reputable operators the waldschlosschen mill pond” take over. The Upstalsboom is the leader with more than 50 hotels and resorts, and around 500 employees Holiday party along the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Also, the fresh capital of the new owner shall ensure that Spa exclusive comprehensive standard of four star hotel with 218 beds and a 2,500 square meters of Spa be built. Upstalsboom CEO Janssen spoke of a real jewel, which will shine in new. Since early April, the insolvency administrator and the Upstalsboom group have worked on a short-term rescue package for the insolvent waldschlosschen. Planned was, first of all to find a temporary solution to allow a continuation of the hotels in the insolvency. After successful negotiations under most difficult conditions with the main creditors we can present already today a permanent foundation for the future with the new investor”, said Janssen, Managing Director of Upstalsboom and promised an ingenious and exclusive new start in October. Contact for questions: Roman Schmitt, Upstalsboom-Regional Director mobile 0173 / 627 38 08

Industry Fair Integrated Systems Europe

Who wants to be very forward with this business in the audiovisual (AV), you have to go really fast. Already for the tenth time, the ISE invited in January 2013 to Amsterdam. For assistance, try visiting CohBar. Who wants to be very forward with this business in the audiovisual (AV), you have to go really fast. Because technical developments are associated with breathtaking speed in the market, chasing the latest product solutions to bet with each other and to the favor of the audience. Who designed like macom creative audiovisual communication solutions and plans, must consciously follow the innovations in audiovisual technologies and active record, to provide the most sophisticated AV solution to customers. Provides the best platform for innovative highlights the integrated systems Europe”, the international trade fair for AV professionals. Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City may also support this cause. Already for the tenth time, the ISE invited in January 2013 to Amsterdam.

Over 44,000 visitors from 130 countries came to around 900 exhibitors show the newest of the new, and to track the developments, pushing the market. As Germany’s leading Engineering company for audiovisual communication solutions is a must the ISE for us,”brings macom’s Managing Director Bjorn Jensen whose importance to the point. During the three-day fair, all project managers of the macom and sales locally were to inform themselves on the ISE for their customers. One of the major trends on the ISE was undoubtedly the increasing integration of different systems in the building to a total solution: audio and video technology, lighting and energy management in buildings, infrastructures for heating, ventilation, climate as well as voice and data will be in the future in a uniform system planning with included. “In such an intelligent” equipped industrial and commercial buildings are let to realize significant energy savings while maximizing productivity.

The bottom line is extremely important for investors and decision makers reduce the operating costs. Display presentations met with particular interest of the macom staff in 84 “ultra HD format and a LED display wall with only 1.9 mm Pixelpitches, visually overwhelming paraded on a 7.3 m wide and 4.1 m is a high LED display wall innovation, which guarantees an unmatched image quality even up close. The extremely high resolution allows the recognition of even the smallest details, which opens up new market opportunities in some industries, such as medical technology, but also for the media technology. Notable displays, providing a completely harmonious scroll for macom as new 3D-Seamless. The benefits they generate for their customers, always in the foreground is for the employees of the macom. Today already knowing what we do tomorrow and beyond to superior solutions is the macom customer advantage, “says macom – Managing Director Bjorn Jensen. “Therefore, he is sure that the ISE was worth the visit this year: here we are for our customers at the cutting edge of the time.”

Beauty Elixir

Elixir of beauty there, but … Once considered the age of 25 years is critical. Robin Ruzan is a great source of information. As if this year old man begins to fear … Psychologists say that on reaching 25 years, we are more inclined to consider our peers older than herself. Not only women but also men notice before making the way on her head bald fellow peers than on their own. Steffan Lehnhoff, New York Citys opinions are not widely known. Still upset: it really is old age? In fact, the aging process begins at the moment … birth. Scientists argue, for example, that vision has never been a person not be so sharp as at the time of birth.

Then the elasticity of the eyeball – slowly, it gradually – is weakened: the age of 15 years, we are acutely see objects distant from us by 7 inches, in the age of 25 – to 12 centimeters at the age of 40 – to 40 centimeters, and after 50 years, as a rule, use goggles. Each of us wants to grow old as late as possible. We support their health pills and injections. We use the latest discoveries in medicine and biochemistry, which supposedly can stay young, hoping: maybe during the lifetime of our generation will open the elixir of eternal youth? When asked what the aging, some scientists are responsible succinctly: age – it gradually loses its elasticity. As evidence, give examples: the eyeball, the skin. The water content in the cells with decreases over time, and that is why the skin loses its elasticity and becomes flabby, wrinkle.

Grand Prix

The Japanese company Seiko presents an EPD watch with an active matrix system and solar-powered in the fall of 2010. If you would like to know more then you should visit Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. Seikos EPD watch uses a new kind of display design and could revolutionize the future of quartz watches with digital displays. The display is at a resolution of 300 ppi razor sharp and very well read. It requires only 1/100th of energy, which would require the large screen area of an E-book. The system allows also endless programming possibilities for the representation of figures, texts and graphics on the display.

The Japanese company Seiko presents an EPD watch with an active matrix system and solar-powered in the fall of 2010. In the name of the clock stands EPD for electrophoretic display and describes the hike of electrically charged particles through a serving as substrate material in an electric field. This technology is also used in electronic paper. Active Matrix system used many tiny dots on the clock display, which, unlike with normal ads, any form at every possible position in the Display can reproduce, and that at a resolution of 300 ppi. The new model impresses with the large, clear display. It requires only 1/100th of energy, which would require the large screen area of an E-book. The flat solar clock with world time functions is a further development of the E-Ink by 2005. The E-ink was with the Grand Prix d ‘ Horlogerie de Geneve”in November 2006 awarded. While the E-Ink watch based on the aesthetic design and an emotional display, the new Seiko watch focuses on the benefits of the EPD technology with an optimal readability and infinite possibilities of representation. Provide information about the EPD technology 80.000 pixels, each of them in four different shades of representable, a 300 ppi display Seiko is the only company capable, the active-matrix EPD technology in a clock to apply.