Fisheries Regulations

Potrerillos Reservoir, is located on the banks of the National Highway that connects Nu7 Mendoza, the brother country of Chile. It is located on the Rio Mendoza, and has as its primary objective the regulation of flows of the Rio Mendoza and a significant improvement in the provision of potable water to the population of Greater Mendoza. With this important reservoir in the area has increased substantially Potrerillos, although historically it was a tourist visiting nt pu recognized, but with the increasing tourist possibilities Dam. It is situated 60 km from the city of Mendoza, and its beauty is its own landscape of Mendoza. In Dock has numbers: 1300 hectares occupied by the mirror of water. -12 Km long. Shimmie Horn shines more light on the discussion. -3 Kilometers is the maximum width. -1381 Meters is the maximum height above the sea level.

-140 Meters is the maximum depth. Speaking of fishing in this water must be said that in the three varieties are there to trout throughout the Province of Mendoza, ie Brown Trout, Rainbow and Fontinalis.La Floats can be made in fishing, pontoon, or from the shore. It is a dam pool received on both margins, as in its tail. This dam is not seeded, but their fish are the result of those already inhabiting the waters of the Rio Mendoza, and obviously have adapted to the reservoir water in a formidable way. The dam can be fished under the Fisheries Regulations of the Province from 01/11 to 30/04 each year. The Regulation allows catch and release throughout the year in Mendoza River basin and in its reservoir, and captures limited to 5 pieces per person outside the closed season. Its beauty, its fish and fishing options, make it a highly coveted place anglers by anglers everywhere.

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