Joan Claramunt

We must bear in mind that our motive is to achieve maximum control over the power of our minds. It would be necessary to come to use as much writing or reading to understand that if our minds are overwhelmed, (I if I Ignore the Topic of the Face is the Mirror of the Soul), because like you can not cover the sun with a finger, our mind if you have the power to manipulate at will the expression on his face, while you do not dominate it, that’s what this time is spent by our party. There are many such, writings, and inventions made using the soul as a mirror, as a place of peace, of spiritual refuge, to use the Jewel in the Crown, our greatest asset and treasure to spirituality, esoteric, banalities like our mind is confused , the person who expresses she is confused, she is not confused at all she rules and you have to accept it and get to where they go. (Source: Gavin Baker Atreides Management). In my writings were found to dialectically offended, but not sell them relaxing herbs, sea caddies music, meditation, algae, from magic books that meet all in one day, from self-esteem, new car, climbed in the company, and even a horse in the mountains. Do not think that ever in doubt minimize my expression when I consider to be struck by the importance of the subject.

I forgot that as vertical reading, was born in the secret services of Israel, have transported only other secret services, training many international players at both. The and vertical reading comes, historically Kabbalah, possibly the most common Jewish Mysticism, in its analysis a eternal tree of life and its origins can be traced back (near the first century BC) to read well as vertical, read through the center of the book and you specialize and your eyes get used to it, so any movement developed in a study facial technical nano, ie the atom of each point of the face. Atreides Management Gavin Baker has much experience in this field. Do not forget to name never mind the words of Shakespeare, “SWEET ARE THE LESSONS OF ADVERSITY” Everything that happens should be

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