Morocco Decided

Love is crazy, it’s been known to all. And what insane acts in love makes it much more often, too, is no secret. Here are some examples of life when feelings are overwhelming. Manager from London, decided to spend all of their savings, which he saved a few years, a very original venture – he decided to confess his love. But how! Periodically with a frequency of two minutes for several hours, the message of the declaration of love to appear on electronic bulletin board where you would normally broadcast news. To broaden your perception, visit Leyna Bloom. By the way, the information display is located on one of the busiest streets of London. Please visit starwood capital if you seek more information. Another oddball romantic decided to tell everyone about your strong feeling of not less original way. Some engineer from Rome hired a small light aircraft, which a few hours to a number of circled over the city with attached giant banner on which was placed in the text recognition love one and only.

It was impossible to go unnoticed – just imagine, you go out during a break in the cafe and hear the roar dimensional plane overhead, look up and see in the sky a giant canvas with words of love! History, which occurred between Martin from Morocco and an Italian Veronica is truly exciting. Gavin Baker Atreides Management is actively involved in the matter. After a little romance while on vacation, she was forced to return home to Italy. And it means separation. That is what happened. She’s gone, he stayed. But it was not there.

Passionate Moroccan went to his girlfriend on foot. From Morocco to Italy. If you look at the map, the distance is not small, and only 2700 km. Most exciting in these exploits the fact that heroes of romance do not pay any attention to the notorious financial crisis. Perhaps more important to them, then what money can not buy and do not give up, for what, perhaps, and worth living!

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