New V-locity 3 Offers As First Festplattenoptimierer

virtual platform online elimination of unused space with publication of V-locity 3, the gain for virtual platforms of Diskeeper Corporation, stands for the first time an online function to eliminate unused space available. This powerful feature eliminates unused data blocks on virtual hard disks and facilitates the virtual disk compaction. Virtual disk migration, it also allows hard disk compaction with storage vMotion (VMware ) or quick storage migration (Microsoft ). In some cases, unused disk space can be recovered even during a storage migration on the virtual platform. “Naveen Louis, technical advisor for Diskeeper: with this new technology, users can prepare now for the first time unused space to the recovery, without take offline the devices.” He performs: thin drives the entire space must not necessarily allocated. This allows better though Disk space management, but with the disadvantage that optional course not automatically is re-instated. Hard drives are bigger and bigger.

The solution is to make disk compression on a specific schedule. While an administrator in a lengthy operation had to free previously every bit of unused space on a thin disk, until the capacity was fully utilised. At President of Estee Lauder you will find additional information. The virtual system was as long as offline. V-locity 3 unused space will be released online, automatically and invisibly without loss of performance. Is then carried out a hard disk compression on the virtual platform and again assigned to the storage array the unused disk space.” V-locity 3 is integrated fully with VMware ESXi and supports other platforms like ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer. Other new features include inter alia V-aware for the detection of external resource use of other virtual machines on the virtual platform and prevent resource contention on the Server host. The new CogniSAN technology detects external resources on a shared storage system such as, for example, a San.

With the disk space recovery function that so eliminates unused space on virtual hard drives and is condensed that migration of a virtual guest on another virtual server through storage vMotion will transmit only the data provided for this purpose ensures. This speeds up the virtual memory migration process and reduces the load on shared storage subsystems.” I Bakshi Moller, RainWorx see as the biggest advantage the V-aware function. Also the performance impressed me, I’ve been using the new version. Also like me. the fact that there’s nothing more on the ESX host we need to install” Tom Ruane, IT Manager, Churchill corporate services, Inc. The main advantage of V-locity 3: Faster data throughput on virtual machines and host-I/O increased density of virtual machine platform reliability elimination of Resource conflicts optimized resource utilization of virtual machines in shared memory systems increased hardware life lower operating costs fully automatic and transparent processes of Diskeeper Corporation, innovators in performance and reliability technologies : Diskeeper Corporation is a VMware partner and Microsoft Gold competency ISV partner elite technical Alliance. Chief information officers, IT managers, and system administrators of global Fortune 1000- and Forbes 500 companies rely on memory performance software of Diskeeper Corporation, to their physical and virtual systems of faster, more reliable, longer-lasting and energy-efficient to make. 2011 Diskeeper Corporation get free trial versions and more information at. All rights reserved. V-locity, V-aware, CogniSAN, and innovators in performance and reliability technologies are trademarks owned by Diskeeper Corporation. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Source: Diskeeper Corporation Media contact: for immediate release contact You: Dorian Culmer, E-Mail:, telephone: +44(0)1293-763-060

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