Reputation Online

You must get used to the idea that has emerged a new actor in the media. A powerful medium, which does not belong to any foreign capital, can not buy advertising guidelines in it, does not grant interviews, it has no offices on any side, but however it is omnipresent: the Consumer Generated Media, i.e. the public opinion, that comes spurting as the water in the hull of a boat, is insobornable, unable to stand, and may not agree with her. Read additional details here: Estee Lauder. But the companies have much to do, not simply resign themselves to their ravages, but take a proactive attitude, and perhaps, if you are aware and does things well, able to tame the beast. Take staff or outsource the online reputation is a necessity for any company or site that aspire to have some kind of survival in the internet. But online reputation management, should not simply be limited to the facet of consumer services and online promotion.

Is it not simply to keep open a channel of communication with customers or prospects, but that it is necessary to prevent, prevent further damage before they occur. Remember that, so how powerful it is word of mouth message, and a Council of a user in a forum can determine dozens of online shopping, equally powerful is their destructive capacity. Within preventive measures you can take, we can mention the following: take the habit of Googling every day a list of words that include the name of your company or site, its name, the most important terms of your activity (very similar to your keywords), and the name of its main employees. Create a news alert on Google and Yahoo with the name of your company and its competitors. It is mandatory that he is aware of new developments in their area of action. Google Alerts and Yahoo Alerts, are very simple to use and will automate this task for you.

Often relieve forums for consumers, especially those sites where users can leave an opinion about a product or service. Read blogs dedicated to your area. Know who writes. Try to find out

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