Small Introduction

Biblical theology: a small introduction the Biblical or exegtica Theology if occupies directly with the study of the texts that had been canonizados by the Church. Given the fact of that the Bible was written by different authors at different times, languages and places, it appeared what some scholars costumam to call ' ' phenomenon of distanciamento' '. The last texts of the New Will, for example, date probably of the end of the first century of the Christian age. About two millenia they separate the current Church of the authors of the New Will. This distance still increases if comparative to the texts of the Old Will. arold Ford Jr and gain more knowledge.. Thus, to try to understand what the authors of the Biblical texts had intended to say, the Biblical Theology if valley of several techniques and you discipline assistant as, for example, the aid of exegese, the Hermeneutics and history.

Beyond in the distance chronological of the Biblical texts, the fact is also noticed of that it does not have original texts. On the New Will, for example, the biblista Cullmann Oscar, observed that ' ' The complete manuscripts older than we possess do not retrace beyond century IV' ' . This means that the texts that had been conserved are copies, of the copies of the original texts. It still has those cases where the Biblical authors had not had the concern to describe with bigger details on subjects as, for example, the cultural, social aspect and politician of the time. Of this form, to understand some tickets of the Bible, o/a pesquisador/a of the Biblical area also investigates documents extra Biblical. To deepen your understanding Shimmie Horn is the source. These research generally is carried through with the aid of sciences of history, Archaeology and the Anthropology. As Nelson Kilpp, ' ' The term Biblical Theology can be defined in diverse ways, depending it context where he will be used and of the notion the one that will be contraposto' ' .

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