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Education: Home and School

The school has looked for to make an inquiry in what if it says respect to the linguistic experiences of the children in the home and the classroom, where if is placed the guilt on the pupil when not if to a good performance, being able to be attributed with a deficient pupil whom it needs one special attention. On the other hand this lack of performance or motivation come of the school can be considered. According to Halliday (1978) ‘ ‘ Everything what happens in classroom and what failure is pertaining to school is not a linguistic problem, but semitico. The schools must be reprehended by its lack of understanding of the relations language society and the semiticos conflicts between pupils and professors: this the two sides interpret event in symbolically different ways the same.

For the author the concept of an opposition marries and school this on a belief and culture on the education, also being on the knowledge acquired for the pupils many times the pupils is rejected by the professors and also by the seen society being in different way. The reading of literary texts, for example, many times takes in them to travel, to know horizontes new, to reflect on other possibilities of action and to develop common-sense for child if to characterize with what to read, that is, the reading not part only of the school, but yes of the incentive of the parents also to collaborate together in the learning of the children. 2,8 READINGS, WRITING AND LETRAMENTO. If it could initiate the debate with the constatao of that the terms reading, writing and letramento can mean all the things for all the people. Therefore, nor all the people understand what they even though read in a text or a document. Many times are necessary that another person interprets to be able to understand it, these translations and interpretations seem to apply the different languages in such a way how much the different varieties of one same language, the reading for same itself rare is taught after the initial years.

School Resume

Resume, the identity of the school and the society The resume, as well as the proper school, is not static and is, therefore, in total development. Of this form, it allows in them to reflect and to argue concerning some questions that we consider excellent for the performance of the process education learning. In this perspective, the resume must be considered significant, from the premise that this must offer an education of quality for all, if becoming democratic and multicultural. The word resume is very familiar for all we who we work in the school and the pertaining to school systems. Perhaps on account of this, we do not think very or same we reflect on the direction of the term, so frequent in the colloquies in academic schools, lectures, texts or in other quarrels. With the word resume distinct conceptions associate, that derive from the diverse ways of socioeconmicos life, factors, cultural politicians and. Thus, the resume must be understood as contents to be taught, the pertaining to school experiences of learning to be lived for the pupils, the pedagogical plans elaborated by professors, pertaining to school schools and systems, the objectives to be reached by means of the process of education and the processes of evaluation that influence in the contents and the procedures selected in the different degrees of escolarizao.

Then, the resume associates it the set of developed pedagogical efforts with educative intentions. as identity of the school, directs the varied positionings, commitments and theoretical points of view, and thus, affirms in greater or minor emphasis quarrels on what we know accurately on the importance of the pertaining to school knowledge, collating many times, on procedures, social relations and the current scene. What it is really important to learn? why? How and when we will use in our life in society? We judge important to stand out that, any that is the conception of resume that we adopt, in them does not seem to have doubt how much to the importance in the pertaining to school educative process.