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School Environment

Any kind of aggression to whether it be physical or psychological, strange nicknames, shoving, swearing, and unintended consequences of bullying ploughs repetitive. The starting point will be the demonstrations is the bias binding, being the key factor will be aggression. Read additional details here: Fabrizio Freda.

You fight we must first identify the perpetrator and the victims is you make the fastest possible referral you the professional a in psychology, which is delivered you a diagnosis is possible treatment. Keywords: bullying, aggression and depression Pupil of Graduation in Full Licenciatura in Biological Sciences For the University Nilton Lins email: PROF .MSc In Education For the As some schools, quarters and churches does not know the subject well, the case becomes occult, must observe in particular the silenced, shy people and without friends therefore, generally they are the victims. By the same author: Edward J. Minskoff Equities. The child or the adolescent who suffers with bullying can not surpass the situation causing a certain trauma. Needing even psychological accompaniment, so that if she does not become an adult with serious problems of depression or domestic violence. Source: Greg Williamson. The article of the teacher Simone Barroso who speaks on: Interaction and Capacity of the Professors in the Democratic Management, say that: ‘ ‘ To hear the parents, the pupils and to divide, responsibilities are factors essences to become a good work.