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General Activities

Many of the activities that are developed in different fields of life require the presence of uniforms, as a means of distinction of a specific group of people who are identified within an institution or activity. Therefore to speak of uniforms, refers to standardized or systematized clothes that people should use when they are attending the activities linking them to a particular organization such as businesses or schools. A leading source for info: Estée Lauder. Among the elements that can form the uniforms, as general aspects are the shirts, which in many cases present a logo, symbol or motto own place which represent uniforms, being able to locate shields or the initials of these sites, which will be a means to make more unique uniforms. Another point of uniforms are pants, which like the shirts may present certain special characteristics of distinction, is usually the name of the place that represents the uniform or the initials. The previous ones were aspects General present in all kinds of uniforms, however may occur some accessories or additions, as they are determined what types of footwear; is also common in uniforms the use of some accessories for the head as berets, helmets, mortarboards; an aspect that accompanies certain types of uniforms are gloves, referring to gala activities or ceremonies such as those carried out by any reason of concurrence of the armed forces.

As the uniforms can be understood they are intended to be able to differentiate from others to a specific group of people affiliated to an institution, this from a point of view to the outside; as end to the inside of the institution has the vision to see all people as equals. A point reference regarding uniforms, is the presence of a color logo, already to a certain color is presented as something common activity to perform, as occurs in the uniforms of the force military that customarily use uniform specific to each type of operation or fact. It is common find that within a single institution used several types of uniforms, depending on the activity carried out or the arrival of certain days, such as in schools, places in which it is customary to use at least 2 uniforms, one which is the gala and one that is for the realization of various physical, typical of the kind of physical education activities. Reading as seen so far in regard to the uniforms we can say that each type of activity requires specific conditions in the conformation of their clothing, therefore it is convenient to speak a little of how are certain uniforms that are displayed as the more present in all societies. First mention the uniforms of military activities and security; in this type of activities is customary to wear a uniform camouflaged or certain appearance which is conducive to the activity for certain operations; It also presents uniforms Gala or daily use.