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The flaps are with special Electric keys to open. A related site: Estee Lauder mentions similar findings. The usual environmental effects such as wind, rain and Sun are been taken into account and therefore rather critical in the design of light poles. However, large storms, snow anheftender and ice hangings are critical. Especially if received before a damage, such as when the mast was hit by a car and the original state is no longer given. Is rammed a pole he dellt as every other tube-shaped object. Thus, the articulated threat increases dramatically.

Light poles are often on embankments, here basis can put or drop, and wrong stand the mast as a result or even fall over. A particular risk also trees and other objects in the environment, since they represent indirectly, E.g. by tipping or striking with a wind masts can endanger. When purchasing a light the braid of the lamp to be used is to note the type of mounting of the mast to the ground as well. You can purchase light poles at the Vorstetter electronics shipping trade Lamia electronics. The masts are delivered shipping within Germany directly to the construction site. You get and much more also all accessories such as mast towers, cable transition boxes, mast head lights, lamps, ballasts also Lamia Elekronik.de. Requests will be pleased and also in the selection and dimensioning of the masts, sales staff are happy to help.

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