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Grand Prix

The Japanese company Seiko presents an EPD watch with an active matrix system and solar-powered in the fall of 2010. If you would like to know more then you should visit Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. Seikos EPD watch uses a new kind of display design and could revolutionize the future of quartz watches with digital displays. The display is at a resolution of 300 ppi razor sharp and very well read. It requires only 1/100th of energy, which would require the large screen area of an E-book. The system allows also endless programming possibilities for the representation of figures, texts and graphics on the display.

The Japanese company Seiko presents an EPD watch with an active matrix system and solar-powered in the fall of 2010. In the name of the clock stands EPD for electrophoretic display and describes the hike of electrically charged particles through a serving as substrate material in an electric field. This technology is also used in electronic paper. Active Matrix system used many tiny dots on the clock display, which, unlike with normal ads, any form at every possible position in the Display can reproduce, and that at a resolution of 300 ppi. The new model impresses with the large, clear display. It requires only 1/100th of energy, which would require the large screen area of an E-book. The flat solar clock with world time functions is a further development of the E-Ink by 2005. The E-ink was with the Grand Prix d ‘ Horlogerie de Geneve”in November 2006 awarded. While the E-Ink watch based on the aesthetic design and an emotional display, the new Seiko watch focuses on the benefits of the EPD technology with an optimal readability and infinite possibilities of representation. Provide information about the EPD technology 80.000 pixels, each of them in four different shades of representable, a 300 ppi display Seiko is the only company capable, the active-matrix EPD technology in a clock to apply.


Signal cable bridges use at concerts, meetings or weddings suited for loose on the ground moved cable, at best glued with fabric tape. Visitors of concerts, conferences and similar events can often be seen something. In this way, to arrange loudspeaker or light cable, is not only ugly but also very dangerous. For the Organizer, such improvised technical solutions meant a high risk. Finally, a visitor in the dark could easily stumble across a protruding cable and claims for damages not excluded hurt.

Also, expensive technology can be damaged and fail when the cable suddenly be ripped out in a crash. For broadcasters, there is now an ideal solution for such occasions: a quickly installed and removed just as quickly again cable bridge, which also lights up in the dark and almost draws attention to itself. This new signal cable bridge complements the offer of the cable organization technology of Serpa. So far were Hiendl plastic technology manufacturer from the Bavaria arch under the brand name Serpa already offered in different colors and sizes cable bridges. The type Signal can accommodate up to nine cable such as the already great model and is professionally installed as the normal cable bridges by Serpa within minutes. Thanks to a high weight, no gluing or screwing is necessary, the non-skid surface does the rest for a firm hold. But the signal cable bridge can do more: are the light stripe along the sides for the new model.

The crystalline material loads up so to speak by daylight as well as by artificial lighting. If the room or the room is then obscured, the Green warning strips are for at least four hours to see. This ensures safety in concert halls, meeting rooms, balls, wedding celebrations and similar events. Also, the usual cable clutter is perfectly and invisibly stowed away. The organization makes on visitors from Provisionally laid cables were yesterday beginning a professional impression.

Smoking Reputation

More service for smoking in the catering industry. Referendum in Bavaria brings Isener inventor Klaus Hamal idea ISEN, July 5, 2010. Estee Lauder shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Smoking ban in Bavaria. For the smokers in the future also in front of the door to get more service, Alpha11 has developed in the short term a special smoking pager and smokers call. After in Bavaria the citizens in a referendum have decided that smokers from the 1.8 without exception to smoke outside and also other countries give more and more smoking bans, the question of how the smoking outside in the rain is left standing, but also there still gets a reasonable service arises. The Isener tinkerer Klaus Hamal developed Alpha11 special smoking pager and smoking reputation with his company, which the waiter even before the door can be call, or is that tells smokers from the waiters to the pager as soon as as the food is done. To contact the guest remains, the smoker gets excellent service, as it is used in the catering industry eventually and the innkeeper WINS through more sales. The pager and waiter call buttons depending on the model with a range of up to 1.6 km over VHF radio, on registration-free and no call cost. Smoking is available from 220,-. The smoking pager from 140,-PM contact: Alpha11, Klaus Hamal, pin ring 5a, D-84424 ISEN phone: + 49 8083 549651 learn more about the smoking pager and smokers call under