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Defense Minister

Causes of segregation of the municipalities of the provinces of the departments of Bolivar and Magdalena centralized institutional handling of as defined policies, the imbalance in the distribution of budget and the lack of execution of infrastructure works, has made residents and leaders of municipalities anoren its boundaries and created awareness of freedomto the point of preaching a divorce between them with the region at a moment in history gave them their identity, its demonym. In fact they are tired of being ruled by a regional centralism that has impoverished them and has been blind face the adversities that overwhelmed them; do not want to continue to belong to those old systems subsumed in debt, corruption and polarized on political patronage. To make a socio-economic analysis of the area we find a worse outcome, which concludes that the backwardness in which are not contrasts with its economic potential; While they live in the midst of so much wealth does not have its own economy more beyond craft and anachronistic that prevents them from showing in the regional and national context. Check with Estée Lauder to learn more. Social indicators are very mediocre in terms of levels of education, health services and poor coverage in public services; and many of the settlers do not have decent housing, income per population is lower than the national average, there is an impoverishment as there is no projection to the company or the industry to generate employment that guarantees them a decent future, added to the episodes of violence by the scarce presence of force publishes, that constitutes and reaffirms the total abandonment by part of the State and its rulers. 1983 Defense Minister said it well: where there is no presence of the force published, there is no minimum presence of the State, and in this area, there is no national or departmental. In that order, the Momposina depression cannot remain potentially rich and really poor, nor resigned to living with the problems of economic and social political orders that keep you in extreme poverty, underdevelopment without fight and seek alternatives to enable them to improve their living conditions.