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Installation Systems

Some models have a special system installed rails on you can hang multiple devices – toilet, sink and bidet, which offloads the wall. For maximum convenience and reduce time work can be applied ready for installation of sanitary modules high-quality foam inside that already have all the assembly and functional elements. Original technical solution is found and implemented by engineers firm geberit (Switzerland). Some Installation Systems the company made in the form of partition walls, let you set the toilet hanging anywhere in a bathroom. Such a model on the right is called "toilet turnkey basis. In most cases, installation system equipped with built-in cistern is fitted with a filling valve, with a noise level below 20 decibels. It should be noted that the installation of an installable plumbing into the existing mounting racks are not recommended because of the complexity of further access to the risers. To install sanpribor elsewhere, you can take advantage of special models of compact sewage plants, such as Sololift + CWC-3.

This system is specially designed for built-in appliances and has a quiet operation and small size. It can also be used when moving a bathroom in another place. Make housing a warm high level of comfort in homes with old heating instruments is unthinkable without the stop and control valves. Thanks to her to solve such problems as the regulation of heat radiator, and its disconnection from the heating system in the event of an accident or during preventive maintenance. As a stop-regulating valve installed on hoses to the radiator, used tapered valves, ball valves or automatic radiator controllers (thermostats).